It has been three weeks.

Today is my first day off since July 30. I am more than burnt out and so thankful for a day to catch up on everything and relax a little bit. Working three weeks straight is tough, especially when about half of the days were at two jobs and I was usually working between 10 and 12 hours! This morning I slept in, and I mean actually slept in… 8:17 am! My body naturally woke up at 5:30 but I happily rolled over and slept for three more hours. 

I told my brother I would be going to the gym later than normal so I practically forced him to come with me. It was still three hours earlier than he normally goes but he survived… barely. I woke him up and told him we were leaving in half an hour, and then I set out for a little run. I had two miles on my training schedule, aka the shortest training run I think I have done in the past twelve weeks! My plan was to do two miles at about race pace and then walk another mile home, doing my favourite 5K loop. Somehow I missed one of the only turns in the loop and I did 4 miles, two at race pace, and two nice and slow. You can tell where I realized that I had taken a wrong turn, and turned around!

It was nice and cool this morning, even though it was practically noon when I got out there (read; 8:30 am). I felt great for the first two miles (8:10 min/mile) and ran faster than what I will be running on Sunday. The second two miles (9:06 min/mile) were nice and easy and I didn’t even glance at my watch once. There were obviously some serious hills on this route.

When I got home I rounded up my brother and hit the gym for an awesome workout. We did a 50-40-30-20-10 workout with mostly arms and core, actually the same one I did on Monday! We started with a round of 50 reps of each move, then did 40, then 30, 20, and finally 10. It is such a good workout and took about 24 minutes. Pushups somehow work my core so much so I was burning by the end! 

1. Pushups. 

2. Triceps dips.

3. Battle ropes (counted for seconds, not reps.)

4. Weighted punches. (Counted for seconds, not reps).

5. Crunches.

We were both exhausted by the end! Such a killer workout in not a whole lot of time. I kind of love working out with my brother because we like to challenge each other AND encourage each other. My brother felt kind of sick at the end and spent five minutes sitting beside the garbage can at the end of our workout while I did bicep curls and medicine ball shoulder presses/throws. He is not used to this whole 9 am “early” morning thing 😉

When we got home I made a delicious chocolate chip protein pancake so my muscles can grow nice and big 🙂 It tastes even better when you are SO relaxed and have NO where to be the entire day!

I’m off to spend all of the money I made in the last few weeks. I think I go shopping on every single day off I have so it’s probably best that I don’t get too many of them! I had the BEST time reading all of YOUR responses to my running pop quiz yesterday! It was awesome!! If you haven’t already commented, check it out HERE!

Have you ever worked out with your siblings? 

What moves would you incorporate into this 50-40-30-20-10 workout?


  1. How do you like your Garmin watch? The forerunner 220 is the one I have been thinking about getting (also in purple because it’s my fav color) but not sure if it will work for me and my run:walk intervals. Do you find it user friendly?

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