Motivation Monday: August 18

THIS article scared me. After leaving a job where I was running around all day like crazy and being hired for a desk job, I feel like I am slowly becoming a pile of jello while working. I hate that I don’t get to walk around a bunch and I have determined that I HATE sitting. I try and get up as much as possible, just to get my legs moving, and get the blood flowing, even more so after reading that every hour of sitting negates 8% of your hour-long workout.

If that doesn’t motivate you to be on your feet a little more and move throughout the day more than just your daily workout, I don’t know what will. I heard the Marathon Training Academy podcast in which they interviewed Dean Karnazes and they asked him one of his secrets for NEVER being injured and he said that he is ALWAYS on his feet. He has a standing desk and doesn’t sit down until he goes to sleep (for four hours that is). I always feel so much better and even more full of energy after a day of being active and moving around compared to a day of sitting around. 

Let’s move all day, ‘er day. Like THIS 99 YEAR OLD WOMAN who set a 100 m record. She did 100 m in 59.80 seconds. She does yoga and exercises at her apartment complex gym twice a week. I’ll have you know I plan on breaking her record when I turn 99 years old. This awesome woman also has some awesome advice:

Monday is just another day of the week but it always seems like a fresh start. I like to celebrate my Sunday long run and all that I accomplished during the week, but I also like setting goals for the next week. Mondays need a little extra motivation because they are, after all, Mondays. 

For a daily dose of motivation:

THIS guy broke the Pacific Crest Trail record. He ran it SIX days faster than the previous record! Oh, and by the way, that’s a 4300km run. 

THIS 8-year old boy that helped his disabled younger brother finish a youth triathlon. Warning: grab a box of kleenex before you watch this clip. Seriously, the bond these brothers have is amazing and incredibly inspiring. 

THIS article from one of Robin Williams’ early running mates, Bob Glover. It gave me chills. I had no idea Robin Williams was such a great runner and he will be incredibly missed for his many talents. 

Oh, and THIS. 

I got in a KILLER workout at the gym this morning. I did an hour of elliptical for cross training and then an hour of arms. My arms are already sore. For a quick and dirty 15 minute awesome arm workout: 40 pushups, 40 triceps dips, 40 seconds of battle ropes, 40 dumbbell punches, 40 crunches. The repeat with 30, then 20, then 10. After that doozy I did a bunch of weight lifting and lots of dynamic moves like weight punches and battle ropes, and my new favourite raised plank with lateral raise move, so that I got my heart rate up and was working my arm muscles at the same time. What a great way to start the day (and week!)!

What is motivating YOU today?


  1. Excellent articles. You were right – have a kleenex on hand. If these don’t motivate people, I don’t know what will!

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