Motivation Monday: August 25

I think I am still on a post-marathon high so bear with me when I ramble on about yesterday’s awesome race. I half expected to wake up this morning and realize it was Sunday and that my whole race experience was actually just a dream and I still had yet to run. My sore legs body let me know that I did in fact run a marathon yesterday, and a pretty great one at that!

If you missed the recap you can check it out HERE! The experience from yesterday is kind of what is motivating me this Monday. Not even my experience, just the marathon experience itself. There are literally ALL shapes and sizes at these race events and each person is there accomplishing a personal goal and making their dreams possible. It is so inspiring to see the emotion on someone’s face when they cross the finish line. For some, they are here for a time goal, a BQ, or a personal best, and they have trained incredibly hard for this moment. For others, the fact that they made it to the finish line is such an overwhelming accomplishment. It is motivating just to be in the vicinity of a marathon event!

I am very sore today. What your body goes through over the course of 26.2 miles is pretty intense. Unless you have run a marathon or long distance event, it is really hard to describe! I still believe that running a marathon is 90% mental, but once you cross the finish line and stop running, you realize just how hard your body was working. One minute you are sprinting (or what you think is sprinting, when really it is just a slow and uncomfortable looking jog) to the finish line, and the next minute you can’t lift your legs to move another step. I will be hobbling for at least a couple of days but I am so proud of my race that no amount of soreness can ruin that! 

My mom and I were trying to figure out how our runs went so well yesterday and all we could come up with was that is was a perfect collaboration of things going right. Plus, we had absolutely no time goals, so no pressure 🙂

I can’t wait to see my race photos from the Edmonton Marathon. It will be interesting to see if I looked as good as I felt! If you subscribe to Canadian Running Magazine, you probably saw the article in the newest September/October issue about the Banff Marathon. Stuart and I made it into the online article AND the print article… just not in the same way. See those two people standing behind the lady in the orange shirt… yup, you better believe it. 

Seeing 3:37 on the clock as I crossed the finish line yesterday was true motivation for me, just knowing that qualifying for Boston is an attainable goal for me. When I struggled to run 3:53 with food poisoning in Calgary, I thought there was NO WAY I would be able to knock 20 minutes off of my time to run a BQ, but with no goal and a nonchalant attitude about Edmonton, and running a 3:37, I know it is possible. 

If my impressive performance in the Edmonton Marathon doesn’t motivate you this Monday morning, I don’t know what will. (That is sarcasm… I’m really not that narcissistic.) I think THIS Runner’s World cover model who was hit by a car while cycling and is now returning to running is pretty motivating. Oh, and THIS 40-year old mother of two that won the European 10 000m championship is also motivating. Plus, these… 

If you have seen any incredibly motivating stories or articles this week please let me know! I am headed out to get a massage this morning, so clearly my life is a little rough right now. I have a few days off from work and I plan to relax as much as possible and take this whole “recovery” thing seriously 😉 

What is motivating YOU this week?


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