Natura Contest Winner! “Last” tempo run!

This morning I had spin class bright and early! I guess I can’t really say that anymore because it is no longer bright when I drive to spin at 5:20 am. How did the days start getting shorter already? I was talking to a coworker last night who told me he wished it would stay July forever… I had to agree. How awesome would it be to have almost 20 hours of light every day! Spin class was a sweat fest, just the way I like it! The jumping sequences almost killed me off but they are also really fun. 

I hopped on the treadmill post-spin for my last tempo run before the marathon! 6 miles with 4 at a tempo pace of 7:59 min/mile. It turns out when you remember your water bottle and drink lots of water during spin, you kind of have to pee when you run. I made it three and a half miles before I had to jump off. 

I wish I could pee in less than a minute but I didn’t make it back in time. Another 2.5 miles to finish off the run. I did lots of stretching (like, more than 34 seconds…) and single leg presses to cap off my workout. I was watching the Food Network while I ran because it makes me run faster 😉

I made some delicious french toast when I got home. I used egg whites instead of the whole egg and it tasted the same! I mixed up a little PB2 with extra liquid so that I could drizzle it over my french toast like a real chef. Plating is everything. Even though it kind of looks like I doused my toast in mustard in the photo?

My mom drove down to Calgary and back yesterday and she brought home some gems from my Aunt’s garden. My Aunt has found her green thumb after moving into a new house and I am reaping all of the benefits. I am literally enjoying the fruits of her labour. Remember when I went zucchini crazy last summer (HERE and HERE)… it’s about to happen again. 

I am so happy with all of the people that entered the Natura contest! It closed last night and I have randomly picked a winner! This Canadian company is rocking the milk alternatives and they are making them organic and delicious. They take quality SO seriously and you can really taste it. Also… chocolate soy milk. Enough said. The winner is Jen

Congratulations Jen! Everyone can find her awesome blog HERE! Jen, just email me with your address and I will send it off to Natura so they can send you your free goodies! 

It makes me both nervous and excited to have all of these training cycle “lasts” before the marathon. Last tempo run today, last long run on Sunday, and soon enough the marathon will be here! I have used various training plans to determine when I should start cutting out speed work and tempo runs. I know that once you are on the home stretch to race day and you enter taper time, there is nothing left for you to do training-wise except rest. Instead of cramming speed work and intervals in before you run your 26.2, it is all about recovery, relaxation, SLEEP, and rest before race day. It stresses me out to have “2 mile easy run”s on the schedule but I have to trust my training and think about how I want to feel on race morning – refreshed with rested legs!

What is YOUR typical taper plan? How soon do you taper and when do you stop doing hard workouts?


  1. The french toast and zucchini look delicious! I’ve never trained for anything, so I’ve never had a taper, but I’m on my second week of half marathon training so I’m excited to experience all the firsts 🙂

  2. Great question.
    Before this year I would have said I tapered for about 3 weeks. Working with the coach this year, we’ve figured out that I actually perform better with a very short (almost non-existent) taper. The Sunday before my last marathon in May I did a fairly hard tempo progression run.
    As long as you stick to what works for you, I think you’ve got it nailed.

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