I am so excited to host my very first CONTEST! I have tried to sneak some new products into my most recent posts and talk subtly about how awesome they are. Product promotion – ninja style. I have been working with Natura and trying a few of their products recently and I can’t wait to share some with YOU!

Natura, formerly known as Nutrisoya, is a non-dairy organic food and beverage company based in Quebec! The company started with the production of tofu, then later soy milk and was named Nutrisoya, but changed it’s name completely just this year to Natura Foods. Now the company produces organic soy beverages, organic almond beverages, and organic rice beverages, as well as frozen desserts! In case you were wondering… 

There are so many different flavours of soy milk now! I really want to try the cappuccino flavour but so far I have had vanilla and chocolate. Chocolate is the bomb dot com. I tried it in the little tetra pack format so I looked like a nerd drinking it, but it was worth it. It tastes like dessert! One of the cool things Natura told me was that their mini tetra packs (200ml) can be frozen and used in lunch boxes as ice packs! The tetra pack is resistant to heat and cold so it won’t affect the quality of the beverage if it is frozen or even if you forget it in your car on a summer day!

I also picked up some vanilla rice milk because I had never tasted rice milk before! It tasted like a less sweet version of soy milk and was really good! I tried it on oatmeal and in my coffee, as well as in a smoothie and on my cereal. You can check out a little post about it HERE

I was curious as to the nutrition facts of rice milk and I’ve found it to be very similar to almond milk. Not a lot of protein, a few more calories than almond milk, but it is fortified so you get almost the same nutrients! You get some carbohydrates and a bit of sodium and potassium – perfect for in a post-workout smoothie!

Natura also makes almond beverages, which they noticed I drink a lot of, so they thought I would enjoy them! I sure did! Almond milk is one of my faves. It competes with the chocolate soy milk. Anything that competes with chocolate must be extremely good. Plus, their packaging is super cute (because that is obviously the most important thing when buying groceries).

Now that I have tried my share of Natura products, and still have a couple more to try, it is time for one of YOU to try some too! Natura sent me 10 free product coupons, good for any store that sells Natura products, and they want to do the same for one of my readers!! You could buy 30 mini tetra packs of chocolate soy milk if you wanted (highly recommended) or you could try all of the different flavours of soy milk AND the almond milk AND the rice milk! Endless possibilities! I love that this company is Canadian and takes the quality of their products very seriously. You’re going to love ’em.

To enter: There are TWO ways!

1. Leave a comment telling me which product you are most curious to try! 

2. Tweet about the contest and tag me, @kriss_murray and Natura, @Natura_Foods in your tweet. Then leave me a separate comment letting me know you tweeted! 

Good luck! The contest ends on Monday, 08/11/14!

Disclaimer: Natura products were provided to me; all text and opinions are my own. Contest open to residents of Canada. 


  1. We only drink almond milk, but I’d love to try the chocolate soy, or the chocolate almond milk! Mmmmm…chocolate!

  2. I would be most curious to try the chocolate soy milk! I love chocolate almond milk, so I’d like to see how it compares.

  3. The organic tetra packs look like they would be handy, will give them a try! Find your blog so interesting, Kris, keep up the good work!

  4. I drink primarily almond milk these days, so I would be super interested in trying the Natura almond milk to see how it compares to my current favourite (Almond Fresh). Also, congrats on the first contest Kris!

  5. I think anything chocolate or cappuccino would be the ultimate to try, while still drinking something healthy. I would definite use it in a smoothy for that extra hit of taste!

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