Pre-race running with my mom.

Yesterday on my glorious day off I got some much needed wanted shopping done. I had a few things I needed to pick up and some errands to run – the stuff that just doesn’t get done when you work for three weeks straight. Last week I somehow lost my mom’s iPod shuffle. I had been using it since I accidentally put my iPod nano in the washing machine, so one of the things on my shopping list was a new iPod. I don’t know how I have this incredible luck with iPods! Can you guess which colour I bought? PURPLE. It now matches my Garmin which I thought was really exciting. 

I also ripped my FAVOURITE lulu lemon running capris so I purchased some new ones. They were my go-to tights for spin, running, weight lifting, and hanging out. It was truly necessary to buy a replacement pair. It wasn’t as necessary to buy a navy blue pair of leggings as well. You can check out what I bought HERE and HERE

Oh, and I really want to drive the Lulu Lemon vehicle around. If someone could paint a car like this for me that’d be great.

After a little more retail therapy at West Edmonton Mall, we headed to the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert, where we tried out some specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Evoolution just opened in this whole foods centre and they have samples and tastings in the store. There were SO many cool flavours of infused olive oils and vinegars and we ultimately bought the Chipotle olive oil. My favourites were the oregano white balsamic vinegar and the cinnamon pear dark balsamic. Espresso is NOT a good flavour of balsamic vinegar… just, no. 

Last night after purchasing our chipotle olive oil and a fresh loaf of seven grain bread, we had the bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dinner alongside a delicious quinoa salad. I think there were about 39 ingredients in this salad, but kind of like the 27-topping nachos in Banff, it all worked together and it was amazingly good. Plus, it is all super healthy food including quinoa, spinach, carrot, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, and more! I think this was actually the perfect summer dinner. 

We had such a relaxing evening and I don’t think I did anything productive. I watched episode 1 of Game of Thrones… just about four years after everyone else… and now I am hooked. I have heard so many people talk about it and recommend it to me but I finally took the plunge last night. I guess we know how I will be spending all of my free moments until school starts now! It was a great end to my day off!

Today I had an easy 4 miles on my schedule which means one thing – a run with my mom! I had originally set my alarm for 6:10 am and was planning on going to the gym for a couple of hours before work but then I realized it is taper week and sleep is probably better than a workout that will make me super sore. I reset my alarm and hit the streets at 7:30 with my mom! We ran just over 4 miles at about an 8:28 min/mile pace!

It was such perfect running weather this morning. The humidity has subsided a little and it was nice and cool. My mom even wore a light jacket! I have heard a few complaints about the cool weather this week, considering it is August and it feels like summer has barely started, but I can’t get enough. If it stays cool until Sunday afternoon, I will be SUPER DUPER happy! When we got home I did some stretching, some core work, a little hip and glute strengthening, and much needed foam rolling. 

THREE MORE DAYS! This may or may not have been my last run before the marathon. I am debating just walking or doing a nice easy bike ride on Saturday instead of a typical shake-out run. I felt really great this morning and I think that means the taper is working! Now that I have my new iPod and some new running tights, I am getting excited about Sunday!

Have you ever NOT done a pre-race shakeout run? 

Do you prefer to do light cross training instead?

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  1. We have one of those specially evoo stores here too – I love them! They make great marinades for grilling! I think my favs are the blood orange and the Persian lime evoos…
    Good luck at the marathon!!

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