Recovery day = quinoats.

I decided this morning I would hit up the gym nice and early and get a bit of strength training done. I was ready to leave at 5:45 am, shoes on and everything, when I realized it was a holiday and the gym doesn’t open until 6:30 am. I definitely crawled back into bed, shoes and all, to get another half an hour of sleep. 

Today is cross training day, as it always is after my long run. Surprisingly, after over 22 miles yesterday, I feel pretty great. I know my legs would have been too tired for a good run but I spent 15 minutes on the stationary bike, warming up for 45 minutes of arm weight lifting. 

I may not have had enough water post-run yesterday because this morning I felt super dizzy and nauseated. I always wake up the next morning after a long run feeling really hungry too. Nothing a bowl of quinoats can’t fix. I made them with rice milk this time and it was really good! 

It was vanilla flavoured rice milk so no wonder it was delicious! I haven’t tried rice milk before but it tasted kind of like soy milk, just less sweet. I have been taking natur-a soy milk to work in their little tetra packs. I probably look like I’m five years old, drinking out of a juice box, but I don’t care because the chocolate soy milk is reeeeeeally good. 

This is probably more accurately how my breakfast goes… spoon in the peanut butter. How fabulous is opening a new jar of the good stuff?

It is Heritage day today in Alberta. I think this August long weekend holiday is for a different reason in each province but I hope you have the day off today and do something really fun! I get to work for 11 hours so please have double the fun for me! If you are bored… just watch this clip over and over again and you will be laughing and entertained for hours. Or was that just me?

Question: Have YOU ever tried rice milk?