Recovery run on lead legs.

I think I have entered major taper time with ONLY 11 days until the marathon. After looking at my taper goals from the Calgary marathon, I realize they are much the same now but I am really slacking on one of them… SLEEP. When I work long days I get home around 10 and by the time I wind down, repack all of my belongings for the next day, make my lunch and dinner for the next work day, set out some clothes for my morning workout, and get to bed, it is after 11 and my alarm is set for less than 6 hours later. No bueno.

This morning I didn’t work until later so I had the chance to sleep in and it felt so good. I had the most restful sleep and a solid eight and a half hours later, I was ready to rock my day. A few studies have been coming out lately that say maybe eight hours of sleep is actually too much for the average adult. Runner’s World claims that this may in fact be true… if you are NOT an athlete. For someone who doesn’t exercise, six or seven hours might be plenty, but for those who are active, eight or more is necessary. Check out their article HERE. Muscle repair happens when we are sleeping so if we sleep less, we are giving our bodies less of a chance to heal themselves and get stronger. Science. My brother is such an overachiever that he likes to get at least 11 hours of sleep a night… guess he takes his muscle repair very seriously 😉

When I woke up rested I checked to see if my mom was up to go running with me. She was lying in her bed with her running clothes on waiting for me. Guess someone was just a little excited to get to run with me today! I had 5 easy recovery miles on the schedule today and we busted out a humid run together. 

Can you tell where we stopped running and did a mile cool down walk? My legs felt like lead running this morning and I was almost certain that we were running more than 9:00 min/mile but about 3 miles in my mom was breathing heavy beside me and asking why I was running so fast for a “recovery run.” I looked down at my watch and saw we were running about 8:30 min/mile… a quick pace for my mom! I guess the sleep really helped my muscles repair themselves 🙂 It was already over 20 degrees Celsius when we headed out the door so it was a hot and sticky run. Good thing Champion has my back with chafe-free gear for these summer runs. 

I did some pushups and core work when we got home. I am definitely more motivated to do strength training when I am at the gym so I got bored fast and probably only spent about 15 minutes doing abs. I did stretch though, and usually I am really unmotivated to spend time doing that after a run! I had a protein pancake with peanut butter for breakfast (recipe HERE!) but is it still considered healthy when you add chocolate chips to it?

Yes, yes it is. It pairs well with honeydew melon, black coffee, and reruns of Friends. 

I am challenging YOU to get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight. Pencil it into your calendar, make it a priority, and compare how you feel after a FULL night’s rest to how you feel after 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Elite athletes have been shown to perform better with 9-10 hours of sleep and they take their rest very seriously! Oh and I am also challenging you to add chocolate to your breakfast because it really starts your day off on the right foot. 


  1. Sleep is for the weak – just kidding. I wish I got more but I’m not great at going to bed early enough.
    I wanted to make a stretching suggestion though: I find to do not just enough time of stretching but also good quality stretching I use a 15 min yoga for runners routine. I use an app (Yoga Studio) and find it really beneficial.

  2. Now look who’s going for “recovery” runs 😉
    Sleep is tough for me too during the week. I’m usually between 6 and 7.

  3. 8 hours is tough. I usually get only 7 on weekdays, that seems to be enough for me though. I’ve been using my Jawbone up24 now to track my sleep and that motivates me to try and get some more zzz’s!

  4. I add chocolate to my breakfast every day! Good run this morning, Kris. Even though it was a “recovery” run.

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