Salty workouts and Natur-a.

This morning I made it to spin. I think once you have that panicked “OH MY GOD I AM LATE” feeling once, you never miss another class. I did forget my water bottle however so it was a bit of a tough class. As I was driving to spin class I thought back to last week’s spin and run and how great I felt during them. It was then that I remembered it was because I had a banana before I went and drank water through the whole spin class AND my whole run. Oh… right.

So I was lacking on both accounts but I made it through. At the end of class we did our typical go-all-out sprint to the finish drill. It is about four minutes of just givin’ ‘er on the bike. After the drill was done I was so thirsty and couldn’t wait to run down to the water fountain, but then the instructor told us to gear up for the next drill… what?

Apparently we hadn’t quite killed our legs enough so we did some more hills before the class was done! I sprinted to the water fountain then hopped on the treadmill for some tempo Tuesday. 8 miles, with 4 at 7:58 min/mile. I was sweaty, and salty… so salty in fact that I chaffed. When I finished off my workout with some strength training, I realized I had dried salt on my elbows. 

I did the leg press and some glute and hip strength training. By that time I was ready to head home and down 546 litres of water. And coffee. 

Adding vanilla rice milk to my coffee this morning was a good idea. Adding peanut butter to my toast was an even better idea. I sat down with dry toast to scoop my eggs onto and then decided against it and made the all-too-logical decision to add peanut butter. 

It does, it really does. Scrambled egg whites, toast with peanut butter, cantaloupe, and coffee with vanilla rice milk. I sound like I am listing off food to pack for a week of vacation but nope, just a typical breakfast 😉

I picked up some Natur-a almond milk last night to try as well. I am loving the Natur-a brand lately and they have some amazing products. I think the chocolate soy milk is my favourite so far but I haven’t found their Cappuccino soy milk yet so that is likely a close contender. I one thing about almond and rice milk that is not as appealing is the lack of protein. Dairy products like milk, soy milk, cheese, and greek yogurt have a good chunk of protein in them so if you are trying out these milk alternatives, remember to beef up your protein elsewhere!

I had such a well rounded workout this morning consisting of spin class, a run, and some strength training and stretching. It was only fair that I come home and eat and well-rounded breakfast. If anyone spots the Natur-a cappuccino soy milk at a grocery store please let me know ASAP. 

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  1. lol PLEASE, for all us OCDers out there, Kris, you need to (peanut)butter your toast right to the edges!! Way to go on the workout, I’m exhausted!

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