Saturday morning sunshine.

I think most people would have looked at the weather forecast for this morning and seen 7 degrees Celsius, feels like 5, and complained about the lack of summer warmth. I did not. I laced up my running shoes and stepped out into the gorgeous sunshine and the most perfect running temperatures ever. Anything between -2 and 8 degrees is my jam. I like having to wake up my legs and get them warm and I like starting out feeling cold because I know I just have to work hard and run fast to feel warm! I was determined to have a good run this morning after a much needed rest day yesterday. Also, Ryan encouraged me by way of my desktop screensaver so there was no question whether I would rock my run or not.

I did in fact get dressed in the dark this morning… My parents often tell me to be careful running alone so to ease their worry about me getting hit by a car or something I like to dress in as much neon as possible.

I have a fairly long run planned for tomorrow so today’s run was scheduled to be about 4 miles. I did one of my favourite 5 mile loops and my only goal was to run a steady pace with high cadence. I didn’t really care what that pace was as long as I could maintain it and feel good through the entire run. It was beautiful and sunny and I felt really good. My cadence ended up at 175 spm and my pace at about 7:53 min/mile.

It really helps that I intentionally chose a route with as little elevation gain as possible. Even though my city is fairly hilly, I have a knack for finding routes that avoid all possible hills. My mom and I love this 5 mile route not only because it is flat, but because there is no traffic, lovely country scenery (aka fields), and it has landmarks at every mile on the dot. 

I ran without my HR monitor today because my scars from that thing are almost healed. I always forget to BodyGlide or put a bandaid on the HR monitor and it’s not until I get home that I realize I am bleeding. It makes for some painful showers so I went without it today and guess what… my heart was still beating during my run. We’ll never know whether it was 158 bpm or 159. 😉 I do plan on wearing it tomorrow though because what is a long run without a little blood?

It feels great starting off the weekend with a solid run. Yesterday my mom and I went for a “rest day recovery walk” and I had the chance to stretch out my tight hamstring so it felt normal today! Even though I have lots of work this weekend, I also still have my cousins in town so it’s bound to be fun! What are YOU doing this fabulous August weekend?

Don’t forget to enter my NATURA CONTEST this weekend! A winner will be picked Monday night!

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  1. I’ve been having the exact same problem with my HRM. Today was the first time I’ve worn it in a week. Never had a problem with it chaffing before but on my long run last Sunday it looked like my chest and the HRM got in a fight. Lol

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