Taper tantrums.

Only 8 days until the Edmonton marathon! Today’s run was a 6 mile progression on the treadmill. I wanted to get some strength training in at the gym so I ran indoors today. That means I also got to watch TV while I ran and I watched an episode of Criminal Minds about a murderer who used women’s blogs to find them and kill them… so that was terrifying. 

Mile 1 @ 9:00
Mile 2 @ 8:40
Mile 3 @ 8:34
Mile 4 @ 8:20
Mile 5 @ 8:10
Mile 6 @ 7:52

Total: 6 miles @ 8:29 min/mile.

Brooks kindly gave me a pair of Ravenna 5s a few weeks ago so I have been running in them as much as possible lately so I can write a top notch review on them. I am debating wearing them in the marathon next weekend but I should probably stick with my Asics 2000-2s that I have been doing all of my long runs in. I definitely prefer the Ravennas over the 2000-2s, but I haven’t tested the Ravennas on a run longer than 8 miles.

I have actually been wearing this shoe since version 3 came out and it was the shoe that started it all a few years ago when I ran the 2013 Hypothermic Half marathon. They have changed a couple of things over the years and most notably, I have had to go up half a size in these shoes in order to prevent my toes from hitting the ends and getting black toe nails! I love these shoes, so expect an awesome review soon!

I think lots of people must have end-of-summer races coming up because I see taper posts and statuses everywhere. LuluLemon just tweeted this photo yesterday and I think it sums up the two weeks before a race. I have a total of 35 miles on my schedule this week which is 70% of what I have been doing. It feels good, and I like having time for core work and strength training, as well as stretching, but it’s weird not running longer!

I did some arm and core strength training today after my run. Planks just don’t get easier. Pushups on the other hand – I have been doing at least 25 pushups every day in the month of August and they are getting easier! It helps that I do modified pushups on my knees and in sets of practically 2 pushups at a time. 😉

Do you race in the same shoes that you train in or do you have racing flats or lighter shoes for the event day?

Oh, and working until the sun sets is not all bad!


  1. Me too. Same shoes for training and racing. I don’t think I’d even try a new pair of the same shoes just in case.

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