Tapered long run with friends!

Running with people is fun… or should be. I broke the curse of running with a couple of my friends today. Every time I have gone running with them something terrible has happened! First, they ran with me on my 21st birthday and I tore my glute, then I ran with them during the Calgary Marathon and I had food poisoning. They have asked me to run with them a couple of times before, but understandably I was a little nervous, our track record wasn’t great. Plus they run 4.3X faster than me. 

I was determined to break the curse so when they told me they were running a “nice and easy pace,” (aka slow enough for me) in the Edmonton River Valley, I agreed to go. 

They ran a few miles before I got there and then we met up for a slow 10-miler. I have never run in the Edmonton River Valley before so it was awesome to experience some new trails! Some were paved and some were dirt so it felt good to be on different terrain. We actually ran a couple miles of next weekend’s marathon course! I wasn’t paying close attention so I have no idea where exactly we ran and it will probably look totally different in a week! Such a gorgeous place to run!

Our pace was nice and slow and my friend was generous with his route that included only one big hill. It was humid and somehow that sucks the life and energy right out of you. It is akin to running in the wind for me. I would rather it be -15 degrees than +15 and humid! The run went flawlessly and I think that means the curse is broken. It goes by so much faster when you are running with people!

It was the last “long” run before the marathon! I can’t believe how fast it has snuck up on me! I don’t feel mentally prepared to run 26.2, or physically for that matter. I honestly have not set any pace goals yet and I might not until the day of the race. I just never know how I will feel and it’s not like I am planning on winning the marathon, so I will just go with the flow and enjoy the run – hopefully feeling a little better than in Calgary!

After a stop at Starbucks for the best tasting soy americano misto, I headed home for more coffee and some breakfast. I had a banana about a half hour before the run and no fuel during the run because it was only a 90 minute run. I don’t know why I always want cheese after a Sunday run but I do. I had toast with salsa, eggs, and cheddar cheese. Ah-mazing.

I love running in new places and after hearing so much about how awesome the Edmonton River Valley is, I was glad I got the chance to experience it myself. I told my dad when I got home that we needed to bring our bikes down there and get some cycling done because the paved trails are awesome. Longer and a little wider than the St. Albert trails, which makes for a little better riding. 7 DAYS, PEOPLE, 7 DAYS. You can still sign up HERE and come run with me 🙂 

How was YOUR week? Did you get some good yoga, running, hula-hooping, walking, or strength training in?


  1. Thanks for joining us Kris! It was a great run. And by the sounds of things, injury free! Haha.
    Great job, get some rest and you’ll kill it on race day.

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