What happens when I don’t run long on Sunday.

Yesterday I went for a short little test run and it was kind of terrible. I don’t think my hips were working… at all. I couldn’t believe how long 3 miles felt and after that tiny little run I was SO DONE. I was nervous to run this morning and figured if it felt as bad as yesterday, I would stop. My hips and glutes were the most sore on my test run yesterday and injuring either of those would be incredibly inconvenient. I dragged my mom out with me and I ended up having a great run! Albeit slow and probably with disastrous form, but it was great.

My mom ran four and a half miles with me and then headed home. She is travelling today and hasn’t slept in a few nights due to nerves so she was tired and very done. Sleep is necessary for quality running! I carried on after my mom left me for another few miles and finished at 8.05 miles. My mom and I ran a nice and easy pace, but my mom could tell it was slower for me because I  “wouldn’t stop talking” while we were running. I felt pretty good so I picked it up a little bit when I was by myself and came out with an 8:45 min/mile average. 

I have been running between 2 and 3.5 hours every Sunday for the past few months so it was weird to have a lot more time on my hands this morning. I was meeting friends for coffee after their two hour run, so I whipped up some fresh muffins with all of my spare time. Banana, bran, raisin, and… chocolate chip muffins. They are mostly healthy 😉 I don’t think there is anything better than the smell of fresh baking on a Sunday morning.

I am fully aware that I need to trim my bangs. I have been doing a lot of Bieber head swings lately and that is just not cool.

I brought some of the muffins to the guys at coffee, my dad took some for his drive to Calgary today, and my brother was awoken to the delicious smell of fresh muffins for breakfast. Maybe all Sundays should be like this? 

I think it will still take me a little while to get back into the rhythm and speed of normal running because my body still feels a little banged up from the marathon last Sunday, but it felt good to be out running today. I am starting school this week and I don’t know what my workout schedule is going to look like, but I know for sure it won’t be anything like this summer with the freedom to run as much as I want and be in training mode all the time. I am looking forward to lots of cross training and getting in quality miles over a quantity of miles. Plus, who doesn’t love fresh muffins… so that needs to be a thing every week. 

What was the BEST thing you did this week? 

Do you have any goals for September?


  1. I wouldn’t mind if every Sunday turned out like this one either 🙂 Those muffins were great!!
    My only goal for September is to register for Boston…Sept 15…8am….yes, I’m already counting the minutes 😉

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