What’s next for me?

The period of time after running a marathon is weird. I have no structure, no magic number of miles that I target each week, and even though this last training cycle was relatively relaxed, I still felt like running was the main ingredient in my exercise routine. I definitely got to that point in marathon training when I thought my body was going to break at any second. My taper felt great and I revelled in 3 and 4 mile easy runs. Now that the marathon is over, I am taking it easy this week with my workouts… and of course planning my next events!

I am debating which race is going to be my next one. Race season dies right down near October (because it tends to snow then) so there are only a few Alberta events left. I am either going to run the Dinosaur Valley half marathon in Drumheller, AB…

… or the St. Albert Fall Challenge here in St. Albert… 

After these fall events, I plan on toning down the running a bit and getting some great cross training and strength training in. When I dedicate so much time to running, things like spin classes and weight lifting tend to get thrown on the back burner. It’s really hard to balance it all, so I am going to take advantage of the cold fall/winter months and work on getting stronger. I am obviously going to keep running because I would go crazy without it, but not an average of about 45-50 miles a week like I did this summer! It’s exciting not to have ANY marathons in the next few months because I have so much workout freedom!

I highly recommend going for a massage the day after a race. I had a 60 minute massage at Wellness Within yesterday and it was the best decision ever. In addition to being completely relaxing, it made me really aware of where exactly my muscles were tender. The outside of my calf muscles were sore, my left quad, and my upper shoulders. Oh, and my masseuse massaged my feet and it was incredible. 

My mom and I are taking our recovery very seriously. We are headed to Canmore for a couple of nights for some relaxation, rest, and light hiking. I am stoked. We don’t plan on walking to Banff and back again, but you never know 😉 

I haven’t run yet and I don’t plan on running for a couple of days. The stress and tear down that your legs and basically whole body go through during not just the marathon itself, but the marathon training is incredible and I don’t want to risk any sort of injury by jumping back in it too soon. The Dinosaur Valley half or the St. Albert Fall Challenge are going to be fun races for me and like Edmonton, no pressure. 

After a race, what is your go-to recovery plan? How soon do you start running again?

I think I will continue this massage-after-a-race thing because it rocked my socks. Plus, for a couple of nights post-race I always sleep in compression socks and take ibuprofen because my muscles won’t quit when I try and get some rest. I’ll be doing a post later this week about my marathon recovery!


  1. After my half I took a week off, but I haven’t run a full yet so longer may be needed for me when I do. What type of massage did you do? deep tissue? regular? (I don’t know all the different types or which ones are best post-race)

    1. I had a therapeutic massage. My masseuse said she wasn’t going to do deep tissue because of how fragile my muscles were and she wanted to just “flush out” my body! It was heaven.

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