When 16 miles feels short.

Maybe I didn’t actually run 16 miles this morning because it felt way too short. I didn’t have time to map out a route before my run this morning so I kind of made it up as I went. I think that is why it went by so fast because I didn’t know which turn was coming next and I could just enjoy running wherever I decided I wanted to. I know my distances around this city pretty well so I finished at almost exactly 16 miles. I avoided the local triathlon route like the plague so I wouldn’t die in a bike collision and I ran one giant loop so I could run through all of my favourite neighbourhoods. 

My alarm came way too early this morning but I wanted to get out before it got hot. I started out on the right foot in my sleep deprived state. I don’t know why one of my legs looks tanned and the other doesn’t… I don’t think it’s like that in real life?

I tested out some Sports Beans in addition to a package of Honey Stinger Energy chews today. Not recommended. They made me get sugar cramps. I swear that is a real thing. I bought the assorted flavour and the lemon sports beans made my stomach hurt about 5 minutes after I ate them. Lemon/lime sugar cramps… a legit thing obviously. I’ll be sticking to Honey Stingers from now on.

Besides the minor sugar cramping, the run was really uneventful. I had lots of philosophical thoughts throughout the two and a half hours like what I was going to eat when I got home and how many pancakes were socially acceptable to eat at one time. I also thought a lot about how good looking Sam Hunt is and I sang his latest hit out loud in my head for 90% of my run. Listen to it HERE, right now, and on repeat, all day. 

I looked at my pace twice on the run. I really didn’t care what it was. I ran by how I felt and I knew I needed to go slow because it is getting close to serious taper time and the marathon is in TWO WEEKS. I ended up running 8:49 min/mile with the last couple of miles around 8:30. I don’t really remember trying to pick it up at the end but my brother was making pancakes when I got home so I probably smelled them from far away and naturally ran faster.

I BodyGlided this morning and wore my heart rate monitor. It’s so interesting on long runs watching it creep up and up as I run. One of my friends told me that his HR did this and I didn’t believe him until I saw mine do the same thing first hand. 

I filled up my water bottles at Starbucks on the run and then downed a bunch of PoweradeZero when I got home. I am slowly learning the necessity of water while I run… turns out it’s important. Electrolytes are too but I usually don’t like drinking a lot of them on my run and prefer to replenish after with both water and Powerade/Nuun/Ultima/Gatorade/anything with salt!

I texted my mom while I was running (or at a stop light) whenever I made route changes in case she wanted to join me this morning. Her response each and every time was, “Ok, I’m still in bed.” I had a really good run and I always look forward to my long runs because I don’t have to care about pace or anything and can just go out and run. Maybe my Garmin messed up and I didn’t actually run 16 miles but it felt strangely short! Nevertheless, it’s done… as is my post-run Starbucks soy americano misto. 

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  1. Thats interesting about the heart rate. I haven’t worn my HRM in a long time. I wanted to wear it for my long run this weekend but the battery was dead. Boo!
    Great run for you though. It’s awesome when a long run doesn’t feel long.

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