7 months IS enough time to lose swimming fitness.

I went swimming yesterday. I didn’t drown. The end. 

… But, keep reading for the long version 😉 After months of promising myself that I was going to get back into swimming as a cross training activity, I finally jumped back in the pool. The trick is to force and bribe people to go with you so that you would feel guilty if you stood them up. 

After school yesterday I was really tired so I took a power nap and the headed to the gym for some cardio. I wasn’t planning on running because I had been running every day this week but the treadmill called my name and I had to oblige. I warmed up by walking for a quarter of a mile at 5% incline, then I took the incline down to 1% and bumped up the pace to a super easy jog. My hamstrings had been feeling tight all day so I took it easy. About two miles in I got bored and threw in 800m (half of a mile) at a 7:20 min/mile pace, then took it back down for 800m, then repeated with a 7:13 min/mile pace, then finished off at 4 miles, cooling down with another 5% incline walk. I rode the stationary bike for 10 minutes and then wall sat for 3 minutes and 17 seconds!

After dinner I had plans to meet a couple of friends at the pool for a little lane swimming. Putting on a bathing suit at the END of the day is not the funnest thing in the world. Plus it was dark, and I was tired, and it would have been a lot easier to just stay home and watch TV shows on my computer.

It’s a good thing I had people holding me accountable for a swim last night because that is exactly what would have happened if I didn’t. It had been at least 7 months since I last jumped in the pool and it was time. I need a good cross training activity that is easy on my body and swimming is so perfect. I just told myself that all I had to do was jump in and I would remember how much I loved swimming, and all of the skills I had developed in those thousands of swimming lessons I did as a child and teenager would come rushing back to me… at least the first part happened.

I don’t know why it is such a struggle to convince myself to go. I have far too many excuses in my head that prevent me from going 😉 I even bought myself new goggles a few weeks ago as incentive to go! I am SO glad I did!

I must say that these are the best goggles I have had in YEARS. They didn’t leave ridiculous goggles lines, they didn’t let any water in and they didn’t fog up like other goggles I have tried. It really makes swimming easier when you don’t have to stop every length and adjust your goggles or dump out the water. I mean, obviously I am a super fast swimmer so speed is important to me… not. I tried on the goggles, attempting to channel my inner Michael Phelps.

I am sorry for posting that photo so early in the morning. You probably just spit your Cheerios all over your computer. 

We swam for about 45 minutes. I did mostly front crawl and I lost track of my laps after 14 so I have no idea how many I did. I threw in some treading water and flutter kick so I am guessing it was around 50-60 at the end. However many it was, I was so tired by the end. I even tried a few flip turns. I guess 7 months is enough time to lose any swimming fitness I had had in February. The other half of my time at the pool was spend relaxing in the hot tub and untangling my hair. Long hair is a bitch to swim with… I think I use half a bottle of conditioner each time I go swimming.

I am so glad I got back into the water. Also, now that I have goggles that don’t leave rings around my eyes, I think I will be more willing to get in the pool, maybe even before school… but check back with me in 7 months 😉 I am counting on my friends to keep coming with me because otherwise I will never leave my cozy warm house to go exercise an hour after my bedtime in the cold pool!

I have to admit the pool felt great on my muscles. It was a nice break from running but I was exhausted after, probably more than I would be if I had been running for the same amount of time! If I haven’t gone swimming again in a week, could someone please remind me to go!

Are you a swimmer?

Do you have specific “workouts” or do you just swim how you want when you want for however long you want?


  1. To get back into the pool I’m swimming with a coach twice a week (really the thanks for that should go to Shawn). That way I never have to think about motivating myself to go or about what I’ll do while I’m there. It’s actually been really great to be back swimming, though it is a hassle to do before work!

    And I agree – swimming pools and long hair aren’t good friends. I wouldn’t swim without a cap. You can try braiding it before the cap or slathering with conditioner or treatment oil before the cap to help with the tangling.

  2. I’ve taken a hiatus from swimming also and I have been meaning to get back in the pool. It’s been hard for me to find the motivation though. Hopefully I will get back in the swimming routine soon. When I was swimming regularly I had a specific number of laps I would do (increasing weekly) and then I started adding in pool running and would do that for a specific duration (also increasing weekly).

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