A Day in the Life!

I kind of always love these posts when other bloggers do them, and obviously my life is really interesting and everyone is just constantly asking me, “Kris, what is a day in your life like?” So I thought I would respond to those constant requests and show you what my day looks like! I actually have a different schedule for work and school every day of the week so I randomly chose a Tuesday to show you. I didn’t have a shift scheduled at my part-time job but I did have a full day of school!

On Tuesdays my alarm goes off at 4:45 am. 0.3% of the time I get up and get some exercise in before my early class. The other 99.7% of the time I reset it for 5:33 am. Once that alarm goes off, I press snooze exactly three times, get up at 6:00 and shower. Then it is my favourite part of the day… coffee-making time.

The baking that I did last weekend really helps early in the morning when I don’t have too much time to make anything fancy for breakfast. I froze all of the muffins that I made so I just heat them up in the microwave and slather on some peanut butter, and enjoying a piece of fruit on the side. Yesterday I had a strawberry greek yogurt muffin with pb, and cantaloupe on the side.

My brother and I drove down to our commuter bus station. Just look for the one that says “University.” I am pretty sure one of these days in a sleep-deprived state I will get on the wrong bus.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a great bus buddy. He brings his headphones… enough said.

Nutrition 100 class. I am auditing it so I get to learn tons of awesome facts about nutrition without the stress of exams. It is an 8am class, so I like to call it my “coffee-drinking class.” I am trying my hardest not to spend money on coffee a lot this semester so I am trucking it in my tumbler every day. Last week a girl knocked it all over me… I was burnt, wet, and coffee-stained… fun times.

Once the class is over, I headed to my cubicle. Yes, there are elevators to the fourth floor but I have made it my mission this year to never take those elevators. 

I ate grapes while I edited a PowerPoint presentation that I am going to be presenting on Friday to my public health nutrition class. Promptly 46 minutes later I got bored and started taking selfies. 

I had a meeting with my supervisor at 11:00 am but I didn’t take pictures of that because I am trying to keep my position in my program 😉 I hope you all know what a subway looks like because I forgot to take pictures when I took the Edmonton LRT to my downtown qualitative research course. 

Glasses; so I can see the screen and so I look cool

After class I took the LRT back to the University and the bus back to the commuter bus station in St. Albert. Driving home it was 27′. A run outside was out of the question because I am not a fan of melting to death.

My brother and I got changed and hit up the gym. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill (8:26 min/mile), then did 15 minutes of intervals on the elliptical (2.5 minutes tempo; 30 seconds really hard, like moving-through-sand hard), and about 4 minutes of abs 😉

Plus, I also did my daily wall sit and PASSED 4 minutes! My quads were burning like mad.

When we got home from the gym I threw some tofu in the oven to bake, took a shower, and then cooked up some quinoa, zucchini, mushrooms, and peas. Quinoa tofu bowls are the best. Just a dash of soy sauce – delicious. Yes, we watched episodes of The Office while eating dinner.

We usually don’t eat dinner that late so once we my brother had cleaned up, we were exhausted! Aaaaaand The Mindy Project was premiering so after I got some blog work done (like reading all of the comments you beautiful people write on my posts), we put our pajamas on and settled in with some hot chocolate to chill for the evening. 

That is what a somewhat-typical day in my life looks like! I mean most days I work out in the morning, before school, and half of the evenings during the week I work at my part-time job, but you get the jist. I hope all of you bloggers out there post a day in YOUR life because I love reading them!

What is your FAVOURITE part of the day?

Do you have the same routine every day or do you get to switch it up on different days of the week?


  1. My weekday routine is pretty standard though might change if I have some evening activity going on. I love the Office, best show ever. Recently I’ve been re-watching the seasons of Arrested Development, second best show ever.

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