A shakeout run and my favourite stretch.

I am in denial that I am running a half marathon tomorrow. I don’t feel ready to run it, I kind of forgot to taper and take it easy this week, and I am really unsure how it is going to go. Oh well, not all races go well and all I can do at this point is run my butt off (albeit probably pretty slow) and hope for the best. We have a gorgeous sunny weekend ahead of us here in Alberta and I plan on enjoying the sunshine and unreal fall scenery. I have no game plan for the St. Albert Fall Challenge tomorrow, no time goals, and really no idea what it is going to be like… and you thought this blog was full of great running advice 😉

Yesterday before school I got in a good 60 minute spin. I did 20 minutes at a steady rpm (85), and then I did a pyramid hill climb. I started with 5 minutes hard climb, recovered with 5 minutes of flat road, then did a 4 minute climb, 4 minute recovery, then 3, then 2, then 1, for a total of 30 minutes. I finished with 10 minutes of 90 rpm seated. It was a sweat sesh. I had my first presentation of the school year yesterday. I was actually presenting one of my instructor’s papers and hosting a class discussion about it… I really hope it went well even though I pretty much started out like this:

At least I actually wore something other than spandex for my presentation. It was so gorgeous out and a floral-summer-dress kind of day. After getting some reading and studying done after class, I called it a day and headed home to get crazy on Friday night… aka. accidentally fall asleep on the couch for an hour. I did have a super awesome swim date after dinner with some friends so I got in a bonus workout of a 1500m (30 laps; 60 lengths) swim!

This morning I slept in and then went for a short little run/walk to shake out my legs (and my nerves) before tomorrow’s half. I ran a two-mile loop by my house, grabbed my wind jacket and walked for another 20 minutes. I also grabbed my phone because the trails are just too pretty right now not to take pictures.

The leaves are changing to the most beautiful colours and it was so sunny this morning. I think the race course tomorrow will have plenty of similar views so I guess it’s a good thing I will be on the course much longer than normal tomorrow 😉

When I finished my walk I did some stretching and there is just something about this stretch that feels amazing. My glutes are the first muscles to get really tight when I run so getting them stretched out is priority. I usually hold one leg to my chest for 30 seconds, and then reach across my chest, grab the opposite knee, and pull it across my body to end up in this stretch for another 30 seconds or more. 

Fall races are tricky because they are usually pretty cool to start but the sun warms up the day really fast. I am still deciding on a race outfit but if I convince my brother to come watch my finish, there will be plenty of photos to show what I decided on! I am headed to the Edmonton Night Race tonight to hang out at the Brooks tent and pass out glow sticks so if you are in the Edmonton area, come on down and say hi!!

Is anyone else racing this weekend?

Who else loves fall more than any other season?

Favourite stretch?


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