Attitude changes everything.

I went swimming AGAIN last night. That means I have gone swimming more times in the past five days than I have in the past seven months… and I didn’t hate it! I really think the answer is to gag your friends, shove them in your car, and drag them to the pool with you so you have swimming friends. It works every time. 

Just kidding.

The social part of it HAS changed my whole attitude towards swimming though. I was even EXCITED to go swimming last night because I got to go with a great friend and it didn’t feel like I was being forced to workout in the pool, it felt like friends catching up… with a side dish of exercise. Attitude really changes everything. 

I think when we are forcing ourselves to do something just because it sounds good or we think we “should,” it takes the fun out of it. That was me and swimming. Yes it is the perfect running cross training, yes it is a good total body workout with no impact… but it wasn’t fun for me and I just didn’t want to get in the pool. Now that I have people to go with and better reasons to be at the pool, swimming is fun again! I also don’t set a goal number of laps for myself or even an amount of time I want to swim. I didn’t expect to swim 1.3 km last night but it happened and it actually FLEW by! 

Plus, I made my friend try on the aqua belt and attempt aqua jogging and that entertainment was worth going to the pool in itself. When you are swimming with other people or even just by yourself but for FUN, it actually is fun and it becomes more of a social outing than a major workout, but you still get some awesome exercise. 

I feel like I am narrating a PBS children’s special about friendship or sharing or something but being in the pool last night really made me happy! It was even like two hours past my bedtime and I was still awake and smiling! 

It is really ironic how being in the pool, which is WATER, can make you so very thirsty. My throat was so dry while I was swimming and I forgot my water bottle at home on the counter. I had to hop out a couple times to get a sip of water from the fountain I was so thirsty!

The best part about going to the pool is definitely the hot tub though. When I went last year I would get in, do my laps, and leave. No hot tub. I don’t know why I thought it was weird to sit in the hot tub by myself but I just skipped it and headed home. I really didn’t know what I was missing. You can say whatever you want about people peeing in the hot tub and how gross it is and how much the chlorine is burning your eyes, but it feels really good on tired muscles and I swear it makes me fall asleep super duper extra fast when I get home. Not only does the little bit of swimming tire me out, the warmth of the hot tub just drains me. I should really be bringing my pajamas to the pool to change into after.

Whether it is getting back into swimming, trying to love running, incorporating strength training into your workouts, or whatever… attitude changes everything. Be PROUD of what you are accomplishing and have fun with it. Don’t think about how many miles you didn’t run or how many bicep curls you “should” be doing, be happy with how many you are doing right now! Don’t think of a trail run as torture, think of it as a chance to spend time with some of your favourite people out in nature. Don’t go hiking because it’s a great workout, go hiking because of the view at the top of the mountain and the amazing feeling standing there knowing you accomplished an incredible feat. 

I had to change my attitude about swimming in order to get back in the water. It would have felt like FOREVER to get 1300m done tonight if I did it just to get it done. Instead I had a blast and enjoyed every second of it! I already checked my calendar for the next time I GET TO go swimming! Until then, I will be rehydrating because swimming makes me SO thirsty!

Is there something that YOU had to change your attitude about in order to like it?


  1. I did my swimming workout this morning for the first time after a long time and I loved it also! I didn’t do the hot tub (maybe next time I will try it). I don’t have anyone I can drag with me to go (most people are sleeping and will probably disown me if I call them to go workout at 3am) but I enjoyed doing my laps by myself anyway 🙂

  2. Aqua jogging…harder than it sounds. 🙂
    Certainly agree with you. Having friends to run, swim, bike, or anything else with makes it much more enjoyable.

  3. Hey I started swimming again too! It’s a great change from running. I completely suck at it so I am considering taking “stroke” lessons this winter. I am considering doing a triathlon in Nelson next year so I have a lot of work to do 🙂 I love steam rooms after a swim!

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