Back to school and I’m not mad about it.

I am starting a new program this fall in University, after graduating with my Bachelor of Science in June, so yesterday I enjoyed a few hours of orientation. As much as I love summer and being free from academic obligations, I kind of like school so I wasn’t totally upset about being back on campus. I didn’t go on any crazy vacations this summer and I worked my butt off, so returning to school is actually kind of nice. Plus, it is always exciting starting new things, like a Masters of Science program!

I will be studying community nutrition for the next couple of years. I am really excited and it was cool to meet a few people at orientation yesterday who are also MSc-Nutrition students. A lot of the orientation was geared towards students who had done their undergraduate studies elsewhere and were arriving at in Edmonton to start their graduate studies. I liked it because even though I have gone to school at the U of A for the past two years, I still don’t know where everything is and where all of the buildings and services are! The orientation was scheduled for four hours with a lunch provided. When noon rolled around, out came boxes and boxes of PIZZA.

We are studying NUTRITION. I am pretty sure it was some kind of test. It was mostly pepperoni too, so I skipped the pizza and waited to eat when I got home. The line at Subway was really big and I am trying to be a good little student and not spend all of my money on coffee and fast food this year… so that’s why I stole a water bottle and ditched the orientation lunch. I passed the test. 

The best thing about starting school, besides turning my life into a inflexible routine? THIS.

Yup, my agenda. It seriously took me over an hour to find the perfect agenda. I eventually bought THIS ONE by Kate Spade NY and I love it so far. My agenda turns into my work calendar, my appointment book, my fitness log, and pretty much the place I write everything. I know… I’m a loser, I’ve accepted it.

I like writing my runs in my agenda too because then I can keep track of mileage! Also, if I have a race on the horizon I start a countdown until the day of the race. Sometimes, if I schedule my workouts in advance, it helps me stick to them. When I don’t want to do abs or a tempo run, looking at my workout schedule holds me accountable for them and I usually just get it done.

I have my first “actual” day of school tomorrow and I can’t wait! More so just because I will have stuff to write in my agenda, but whatever 😉 I am trying to figure out what types of workouts I will be able to get in before school every day and it is tricky. If I go to the gym I have to factor in about 30 minutes of total driving time so my early days will include short runs around my neighbourhood before school. If I want to workout after school, I will HAVE to write it in my agenda because otherwise that is NOT going to happen. I’m definitely a morning exerciser 🙂

Do YOU use a planner or agenda?

Workout in the morning, evening, or just whenever you have time?


  1. You sure you’re not in engineering? The colour coding seems to be at a level of OCD almost on par with me 😉

  2. I try and do my workouts in the morning. It really sets the tone for my day. I feel like the day is off to a great start because I have already accomplished an important goal. Plus the evenings are usually spent helping my daughter with homework, teaching my online class, and dinner prep (or purchase).
    Good Luck with school!

  3. I am a huge #nerdalert also when it comes to planners. I ended up choosing the Lilly Pulitzer large agenda and I love it! Also logging your workouts in it is an amazing idea. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Doing it now!

  4. I got a Kate Spade agenda this year as well! Just like you I am OBSESSED with writing every little detail down so I stay super organized and am never surprised/stressed. It is the only thing that keeps me sane! I like the idea of tracking workouts in it though, I hadn’t thought of that. I have my first day of university today and I am SO excited! Good luck on yours! 🙂

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