Brooks Ravenna 5: Review.

I have had these shoes for a while now so I think it’s time for a review. I really wanted to wear them for the marathon but I had done all of my long runs and the majority of my short runs in my Asics GT-2000 2s so I didn’t want to chance it. I absolutely love the Brooks Ravennas. I first bought them when version three was current and now they are into version five of these shoes. Brooks kindly gave me a pair of the Ravenna 5s to review and I will love them forever for it. 

The Ravennas are the best combination of lightweight and supportive. They aren’t bulky and have more of a sleek design than something like a Saucony or New Balance but they have tons of support and are considered a “stability” shoe for mild pronation. I have never had any type of foot or ankle pain in these shoes and the arch fits my foot perfectly. 

Like most of the Brooks shoes they are built with DNA cushioning. This stuff is insanely comfortable and kind of forms to your foot after a while and bounces back in all of the right places when you run so it doesn’t break down with every stride, it kind of molds to your running form and helps cushion the blow of your foot strike. Even the toe box and heel feel really cushioned, but again, they don’t feel heavy. 

Check out these specs: from HERE.

I would wear these shoes for anything from long runs to short and easy runs. Speed work definitely can be done in these but I prefer the Brooks PureCadence for that nonsense. They are cushioned enough for the long haul but light enough for short runs and they are comfortable for going for a walk or stroll too. Plus, coral and blue… dynamite colours. 

My first pair of Ravenna 3s were white and blue, my 4s are black and purple and lime green, and these 5s are coral, blue, and white… so you never really know what is going to come next but I can guarantee it’s going to be awesome! 

Disclaimer: This product was supplied by Brooks; all text and opinions are my own.

Rocking out some daily wall squats now. I started my month challenge with a 91 second wall sit. I didn’t go all out because I was scared I wouldn’t be able to beat the time every day if I did that. I am going to have some serious quad muscle by October.

I am off to my school orientation today! Wish me luck!

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