Champion PerforMax Tights: REVIEW!

As much as I don’t like ditching summer weather, I really love wearing running tights. I have a pretty thick pair from Lululemon that I got for Christmas a few years ago but I didn’t have a nice and light but warm pair… until NOW! Champion ever so kindly sent me the PerforMax Women’s Tights! I chose to wear them for the second time during my half marathon last weekend and they definitely held up to the test.

One of the things I like about them is the length… on me. I am almost 6′ tall so finding appropriate length tights is hard. I think these are suppose to be close to the ankles but they were almost a cross between a pant and a capri on me, which was actually so perfect. 

The one drawback is the waistband. I wasn’t a huge fan of it. It wasn’t too bad while running but just wearing them around before running or after running it was kind of annoying. I had to pull the drawstring tight and even once I had tied it, the waistband still felt loose, especially gaping in the back. The waistband was higher in the front than in the back which is more flattering in the front but kind of made it feel like they were falling down in the back. Weird, but again, I didn’t notice it while running and I only had to readjust them/pull them up once. 

They are a nylon/spandex blend so my tech shirt kept riding up, which I think is a problem with most bottoms. I really liked how the tights moved when I ran and they were nice and warm (even too warm for the race on Sunday!). They are really comfortable and definitely fit true to size, minus the waistband. 

Champion sent me the purple pair… they know me so well! I had my car key with me during the race and sometimes during runs and it fit perfectly in the spacious back pocket! These are definitely going to be awesome for my outdoor runs as soon as the weather starts getting even colder!

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me by Champion; all texts and opinions are my own.

What is your favourite part about cold weather running?

What is a necessity when you hit the streets in sub-zero weather?


  1. I try to rock shorts as long as I can but after that I have a pair of winter running pants from Sugoi I really like.

  2. My version of cold weather running is probably a lot different from yours (since I live in Florida and “cold” for me is anything less than 70F) but I like the fact that I’m exhausted because of the effort I exert and not because of humidity (which is the cross I bear in the summer)

  3. I feel your pain on the long running tights, I’m 5’10” . I actually found a good light pain from roadrunnersports , the company’s R-gear

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