Cycling on the wind trainer!

Heyyyyy! I hope everyone’s weekend is amazing so far! I have had a pretty good one even though it’s freezing cold around this joint! Yesterday my mom and I slept in a little too long and didn’t get to the proposed hiking spot we were planning on going. We decided we would go for a long walk around town and down to our river valley instead. There was a windchill of -2 when we woke up so it was a chilly walk! Almost three hours later, and about 13 miles (21 km), we got home ready for some hot coffee and a hot shower! It was a gorgeous walk though because the river valley was golden and orange with the changing leaves. 

I took zero photos because my hands were too cold to take out my phone without my gloves… #bloggerfail. My Garmin was acting up and my route map says I jumped across the river a few times… I didn’t, but I can assure you we walked for a long time! 

This morning I had another fabulous sleep in but made it to the pool by 7:45 am. I usually get about 30-40 minutes of swimming in when I go on weeknights so I planned to stay in the pool for a little longer this weekend. I stuck it out for 60 minutes and managed 2.25 km (2250m; 45 laps; 90 lengths). I did my “main set” of 2000m freestyle and then cooled down with 250m of breaststroke. I don’t think I swim fast enough to actually cool down but whatever. I was a prune by the end and it also made me realize how hard I will have to work if I want to compete in a triathlon.

When I got home I headed to my new home gym. I mean it’s not “technically” a home gym, it’s just my road bike set up on a wind trainer but it is the coolest home gym I have ever had (read; I have never had a home gym before). I have wanted to set up this baby for a while, but there has never really been room in our house, so I settled for the garage. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to set it up so there was that… thanks dad!

I am not going to be doing any serious “training” or anything on this in the winter but I think it will keep my body used to my bike until next cycling season. When I have class early in the morning it will be nice to have the option of getting a little cardio in before school in my own home as well! 

I suited up for the bike and cycled for 60 minutes. I didn’t do anything really fast or really hard but I was sure sweating! It was weird to feel like I was on a stationary bike but really be on a road bike and have to try and “get comfortable” on the bike. I love the familiarity of my bike though. I set up my laptop and some speakers to play a movie while I was cycling. I am planning on getting through all of the Game of Thrones seasons this way. I watched “Let’s Be Cops” this morning!

All I needed was a run today and I could have done a mini triathlon this morning! Too bad my break from running isn’t over until October 😉 Two more days of cross training and then I am going to ease back into running! This week I ellipticized, cycled, walked, and swam and it was wonderful! I actually made it to the pool three times and swam a total of 5km! I would like to know when this whole swimming things gets easier!

Have you ever rode on a wind trainer? Any recommendations?

What was the BEST thing about your weekend?


  1. I did an 8 mile run this morning and I didn’t have to go in to work today so overall today was a great day! I’m not a big cycling fan but I am falling back in love with swimming. Glad you are having fun with both!

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