He may never run with me again.

On Monday I went to bed at 11:30 and when my alarm went off yesterday morning at 4:45 to go out for a few dark miles I immediately turned it off so I could sleep for another hour before I had to get up for school. I don’t regret it at all. BONUS: It meant that I had all day to convince my brother to go for a run with me after school. I don’t know how I did it because it was 2 degrees, windy, and he hadn’t run in a few weeks, but I managed to make him think it was going to be amazing!

It kind of was amazing. We talked the whole time and it was a great chance to spend time together when neither of us was blogging, studying, reading, watching TV, etc. I couldn’t figure out why my legs were SO SORE all day and then I remembered I did almost an hour of legs on Monday… yup, that’ll do it. I told Stuart that I would be running slow and it was going to be a short and easy run so he would be fine to run it after taking a bit of a break from running. We covered 5 miles, starting out a little too fast for him and then averaging about 8:50 min/mile after we slowed it down a bit.

I am wearing the running attire of Canadians… unsure whether it is technically still summer or if I should dress for the current winter weather… shorts and a down vest it is! I was dressed right because it was windy but I warmed up on the run. I told Stuart that we should make it a Tuesday and Thursday tradition to run after school together (when we are home at relatively the same time) and he replied, “Oh god, I think I just burped up a whole Cheerio.” 

It’s safe to say his status is “questionable” for our run on Thursday. After we ran I did my daily wall sit. I have surpassed three minutes. After leg day on Monday my legs were on FIRE doing this one. Also, they kind of went numb on the run so I think they were thawing out at the same time – a whole other kind of burn!

After the wall sit and a few crunches (read; 3) I was more than ready for dinner. I had just seen a recipe on Pinterest for a zucchini pizza crust and I had been looking for more ways to use the zucchini sitting on my counter after my baking-fest. I thought I would give it a go and it was delicious! It took longer than I thought it would to cook before adding sauce and toppings because I didn’t squeeze as much liquid as I should have out of the zucchini before I mixed everything together but it ended up working out really nicely once I let it bake a bit more. It’s a keeper! You can find the recipe HERE (I used a 1/4 of the ingredients because it was just me eating it).

Adding more servings of vegetables to my mushroom and green pepper pizza? Yes please! I think you can do the same with cauliflower but I have never tried it – maybe next time! Zucchini makes a lovely colour crust though and you don’t get the gross full-of-bread feeling after eating this pizza!

After dinner we both packed our lunches for school/work like the good little children that we are and I even made my brother fresh double chocolate chip cookies to take in his lunch. They are dangerously good. 

I am in a weird place right now with running where I feel like I am JUST starting to get back to normal after the marathon two weeks ago, but yet I have a half marathon in two weeks that I am still kind of “training” for. A typical taper would be starting soon for the half marathon but because I just starting feeling better after the Edmonton full and I am not racing in two weeks, I am just going with the flow and doing the miles I feel like. I think 12 miles on Saturday was probably the farthest distance I will go until next Sunday at the St. Albert Fall Challenge. I don’t know how people can do full marathons and tons of races on consecutive weekends… I can barely recover a month later in time for another race!

Have you ever tried a zucchini or cauliflower pizza crust?

What is the best way to convince my brother that he should run the half marathon with me?


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