I actually got up before school to run.

Yesterday I told you all about a day in my life, which I recorded on Tuesday. I mentioned there was usually a 0.3% chance that I would actually get up and run at 5:00 am when my alarm went off. Most Tuesdays and Thursdays I opt for sleep and just workout after school but today was not that day. I actually got up at 5:01, put on really inappropriate clothing, and went for a short run. 

I dressed in capris and a long sleeve shirt. Apparently it was hot outside. I was really sweaty. Get it right Alberta, yesterday it was 27 degrees, and last week it snowed. 

I ran a quick 3.1 miles (5K)… on really well lit streets, in places I knew, with my phone… so that the serial killers had less of a chance of killing me. I just ran however fast I wanted to and it ended up being a slight progression run, probably because it takes my legs a while to figure out they are running… especially when it is 5:00 in the morning. It was a pretty average run, at 8:32 min/mile. I did legs and back at the gym yesterday, plus a 7 mile run, so I can’t complain.

I made sure to get my wall sit done as soon as I got home so I didn’t forget. This daily wall sit challenge is really weird. One day the wall sit will feel SUPER hard and my legs are shaking by the end, then the next day it is super easy and I barely realize I am doing it, the next day it is really difficult again, and repeat. I am increasing the time by ~ 5-20 seconds each day so I think it should feel equally hard every day but that is just not the case. Today it felt easy. I checked Twitter on my phone and took selfies, so time on the wall flew by!

Last night before I went to work I baked a loaf of banana bread and made an apple and pear crisp for my brother and my Aunt, who is in town for a couple of nights. I made them because I am a super kind person, and not because I was avoiding analyzing health policies. Pears are in season right now I think because they are AMAZING. Giant, juicy, and so full of flavour – they made a great crisp. At least I think it was great because the pan was wiped clean when I got home from work 😉

As much as I hated leaving my cozy bed this morning, I am glad I did. I should have worn shorts and a tank, but I just imagined it being really cold outside and dressed for frosty weather… not the case. Next time. I tried to run my day before the day ran me 🙂 Even a short run is still a run!

Did you run the day today or did you let the day run you?

Favourite summer dessert? There is a special place in my heart for apple crisp. There is also a special stomach for it.


  1. I do believe that I read somewhere that we actually have a second dessert stomach. True story… or maybe just wishful thinking 😉 And I didn’t run today, but I DID get in a pretty awesome sweat session at the gym. Always feel so much better after those!

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