Just one of those runs.

I slept in this morning! Of course the whole “no one ever texts me in the early mornings EXCEPT when I get to sleep in” thing definitely happened, but I got over it and went back to sleep. That means that it was pretty warm when I finally made it out the door, and naturally I didn’t bring water, so I was concerned that I might die, but luckily I survived and I am here to write about it, and lucky for you, you get to read about it!

It was a toasty 11 degrees Celsius on my run. I had mapped out a couple of routes last night but when I got up I felt really sore and tired (even after sleeping in) so I nixed those routes and just went with the flow of how I felt, sticking close to home at first because when I started out I just really didn’t want to be running. Those first couple of miles are always the hardest for me, getting my body warmed up and getting in the zone, but I think every single mile today was equivalent to the feeling of the first one. I headed down to the river to run on the flat riverside path. That is when I saw THIS:

Should the leaves really be falling off of the trees yet? I know this happens every year but I think it keeps getting earlier and earlier! There were orange and red leaves, yellow leaves, and brown leaves along my run and I was not okay with it. The temperature certainly contradicted the leaves though because it was sunny, with no clouds, and warm!

My left glute was getting sore for a bit so I paid close attention to it. I don’t want that injury again. It eventually went away and I just kept convincing myself to stay out for one more mile. It’s weird not having a marathon training schedule because I really had to try hard to convince myself that I want to run far. It is also impossible for me to run fast right now, lately my runs have just felt sluggish  and lame so I think that means it’s time for a rest day. 

12 miles at an average moving pace of 8:42 min/mile. I’m not breaking an speed records that’s for sure, but I did it… and more miles than I expected to complete when I started out! I got home sweaty and disgusting and downed a ton of water. I remembered to do my daily wall sit though and this one made my legs burn for sure!

I quickly showered, ate a cinnamon raisin protein pancake with an apple and then headed out for a photoshoot. My brother and I volunteered to be in a St. Albert tourism photoshoot, because we obviously should be the faces of our city.

When we were done, I got groceries, and I don’t think there is any better feeling that stocking your fridge with all of your favourite fruits and vegetables. Except I should have taken a closer look at what we had in the fridge… if anyone needs green peppers or greek yogurt, I have quite a bit 😉 I bought fresh honey oat sandwich buns and made a delicious avocado, tomato, and mozzarella sandwich. I am still making my way through our batch of homemade hummus and I think I am starting to permanently smell like garlic. 

For every moment that I hated my run today, I equally and oppositely loved it. It was a pretty gorgeous day and it is my own fault for not bringing water, so I really can’t complain about our 0% cloud coverage and the 15 hours of sun today 🙂 12 miles done and done, on a Saturday too because I am working tomorrow morning and won’t be able to get any miles in before work! If you do one thing this weekend, it should be to make hummus. If you do two things this weekend, it should be to make hummus and enjoy the almost-fall weather with some time spent in the fresh air!

When you fall into a running slump, what do you do?

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  1. I always feel like that after a marathon….. Especially one that went relatively well. It always takes me longer than I think it will to bounce back in speed and distance. My marathon is in five weeks and I hope it goes Half as well as yours did!

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