Motivation Monday: September 15

After feeling terrible all weekend I definitely need some motivation this Monday to kick off the week! I reeeeally wanted to participate in the Terry Fox Run yesterday but movies and soup was the name of the game for me! I have done the Terry Fox Run almost every year since I was little and it is such an inspirational experience! The St. Albert Terry Fox Run did have a good turn out though!

Or you could use this sign as some running motivation; for the whole collection of race signs, check them out HERE! I think this one is hilarious, who said running was a cheap sport? I am kind of nervous about the St. Albert Fall Challenge half marathon on Sunday but at least I didn’t have to pay for it! 

My mom received a free entry into the race after WINNING FIRST PLACE (in the walking category 😉 last year. She will still be on holidays when the race takes place so I was able to use the coupon! I am confused as to whether I am getting back at it after being sick and super tired the past couple of days or if this is a taper week for the half? 

THIS awesome article in Runner’s World showed off the many amazing racing outfits of Maggie Vessey. The elite track runner has some serious style. She even set a 400m personal best this year in one of her stylish outfits! This is my favourite outfit of hers:

I wish I had that outfit… actually I wish I had that body in that outfit. Motivation at it’s finest. 

Who else is excited for the new season of The Mindy Project premiering this week?! One tip and trick for not feeling so guilty about watching TV in the evenings is to pick a show that you just have to watch and watch it while on the treadmill or on a stationary bike. Even if you are just walking on the treadmill, it is still better than sitting and doing nothing! Having the TV show at a certain time every week is also like scheduling a workout during that time. If you are going to commit yourself to that show anyway, why not make it physically beneficial too 🙂

What is motivating YOU this week?


  1. Lol I think we have different tastes. Not sure I like that outfit but she has a great body! I am super motivated after being around so many great athletes last week. I feel like such a slacker. Ha ha.

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