Motivation Monday: September 22

It is really weird how much my mind can shift when I think about a race from being in it to the hours, or the days after. I hated that race yesterday… when I was running it. There were so many things I could have done to change how I performed in the race and it made me upset that I didn’t do them. Time heals, because even just a few hours after the race I still felt the same pride that comes after all races, short or long, slow or fast. Half marathons are no joke – and to be able to casually do one on a Sunday morning without a training cycle or a taper makes me proud of myself. 

Oh, and it was a small race, so my not-so-top-notch for me performance earned me first place in my age group!

On Saturday night, I volunteered to help out at the Edmonton Night Race, sponsored by Brooks! It was a really different atmosphere compared to a “normal” morning race. It felt less competitive and everyone seemed really happy and excited, not nervous or tense at all. I was handing out glowsticks at the Brooks tent and hosting shoe-pong… like beer pong but better because you can win Brooks glow-in-the-dark shoe laces 😉

It was really neat to see everyone in neon clothes with headlamps. The race started and finished in Laurier Park, near the Edmonton Zoo, so when the racers were getting close to the finish it was SO COOL to see a little trail of headlamps moving through the trees. I opted not to run it because I had the half marathon in the morning, but I would definitely recommend this nation-wide race series to anyone looking for a fun and unique party race. 

After the race yesterday I tried to refuel my body with as many nutrients as possible. Well, after the soy americano misto that is. I had a quinoa, avocado, and feta salad for lunch. My brother and I have been making batches of quinoa every few days and keeping it in the fridge, then mixing it with some spinach and random veggies to take to work or school for lunch/dinner. It is great, quinoa in a salad makes it a lot more filling and gives us an extra dose of plant-based protein!

For dinner I had a veggie burger, apple and cranberry spinach salad, and quite possibly the best butternut squash fries I have ever had. Roasted to perfection. I have been eating the Yves Veggie Burgers, which are 100 calories, so to beef them up a bit (pun most certainly intended) and make them more filling, I add some stir-fried mushrooms! This could also be done to actual beef burgers if you wanted to cut down on the beef used and add some veggies 🙂

Close up. You know you want some.

I have decided to take a 9-day break from running. I knew I was running a half marathon sometime in September so I didn’t cut back my running as much as I should have after the Edmonton Marathon at the end of August. I wanted to keep sort-of in “training mode” so that I would be able to do another half marathon no problem. That didn’t exactly go according to plan because apparently our bodies need “rest” or something. Now that my September race is over, I am going to take a mini break from running until October 1st. I am going to cross train with cycling and swimming, and let some of my running muscles rest 🙂

But I do still need some motivation to keep going to the pool and getting some great swimming workouts in during this little running break. Monday Motivation from around this crazy inter web place:

  1. I couldn’t imagine even accomplishing running the 885 km Bruce Trail, never mind breaking a record for fastest time to complete! Jim Willett, a cancer survivor did just that and ran the trail in 10 days, 13 hours, and 57 minutes. You can check out the article HERE
  2. THIS is a great article!! “Why Female Athletes Should Toss the Scale and Get a New Perspective.” Worth a read 🙂
  3. Runner’s World published an article that said marathoning CEOs have 5% greater company value! It reminded me of the Mizuno campaign If Everyone Ran. We would be a more productive, efficient, and happy world! 
  4. And this is just too true (and hilarious):

What is motiving YOU this Monday?

Do you ever take breaks from running? How long?

If you missed my race recap from the St. Albert Fall Challenge Half Marathon yesterday, check it out HERE!


  1. Breaks from running?? 😉

    I’ll totally need to check out the night race next year. It sounded like a lot of fun.

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