My quads of steel and October goals.

In the beginning of September I challenged myself to do a wall sit every day. My goal was to make it longer than the previous day each time and see how long I could hold it by the end of the month. I remembered to do it every. single. day. One day I even jumped out of bed at about 11pm because I remembered I hadn’t done my squat for the day! It was tough, especially these last few days when my legs would start shaking by the end because I was holding it for so long. I usually tried to grab my phone or something to distract me while my legs were on fire.

Yesterday I spent an hour on the elliptical, but I brought the latest Women’s Health magazine to keep my occupied. It lasted 56 minutes out of the hour so I didn’t get bored until the last 4 minutes! It had an article about the Kona Ironman and it got me back to thinking about trying a triathlon next year. I can’t seem to get that idea out of my brain and the more I swim the more I think I can do it. I just know I would be sacrificing a lot of running time and I don’t know if I am ready to give that up!

After the elliptical I did some weight lifting with the 5 lb. dumbbells for a while… serious muscle building action. I also did a 6:23.55 wall sit and thought my legs were going to fall off. 

This morning I woke up and got my sweat on before school with 50 minutes on the wind trainer. I also did ONE LAST WALL SIT. 7:37.96. Boom. 

One of the coolest quotes I saw in September:

One of the best things that happened last night: Perfectly ripe pears in Kashi cereal = love.

October tomorrow! I don’t know why but I am really excited for this month. I am really liking school so far, I am enjoying cross training in the pool and on the bike, and the cooler temperatures mean I can wear scarves and boots until my heart is content. Another month means another round of monthly goals. I nailed my September wall sit challenge and it definitely strengthened my legs. I also got a lot of swimming in which was another one of my goals for the month. 

After a 9 day hiatus from running I am back at it tomorrow. I am going to slowly get back into it because I put my body through a lot of training in the summer and I don’t want to dive back into anything really stressful on my muscles/bones/body. We’re talking 3-5 mile runs to start, working on form and running efficiency which I tend to forget about when I start racking up the mileage 🙂 

In the month of October I am going to work on my swimming form and try and get into the pool as often as I can. I looked up some swimming workouts and a lot of them start with a warm up of kicks, pulls, glides, flit, floos… or something like that (Goal #1: Looks up what these terms mean so I can pretend like I know how to talking swimming). I am going to try and put in a few structure pool “workouts” so I don’t just jump in every time and swim leisurely for as long as I want to and then scurry to the hot tub!

Instead of working on leg strength again this month I am going to work on arm/core strength. I find that pushups actually really work my core AND my arms so I am initiating an October push-up challenge. I am going to do as many consecutive pushups as I can, (most likely from my knees because as of now I can do 0.13% of a real on-your-toes push-up) and try and increase that number by the end of the month. Who’s in?

What are YOUR October goals?


  1. Count me in for the pushup challenge 🙂 My goal for this month is to be more consistent with running and increase my long run distance! I’d like to get my long run up to 8 miles, which I think is doable. And I might actually start a running blog like I’ve wanted to forever, so we’ll seee 🙂

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