Oh the possibilities.

I am so happy for everyone who received the Boston marathon acceptance email yesterday! I know a few people who were not so patiently waiting for the news and I am really excited for them. It also kind of lights a fire in me to compete next year and qualify for Boston 2016. A few years ago if someone had told me I would be hoping to qualify for the Boston marathon, I would have laughed in their face… I actually told my mom last year at about this time that running a marathon was on my bucket list but certainly not something I was going to be doing right away… HA! 

Boston 2016 – who’s in?

I am going to try and figure out an awesome, exciting, INJURY-FREE race schedule for next year. It is difficult because there are so many awesome races and events out there, it’s hard to choose which ones to do. I know for sure that running tons of races is hard on my body, especially marathons, so it is going to be really important for me not to get over ambitious with the number of events I register for. I am also toying with the idea of trying a triathlon next year, so running might because just a “part” of my fitness routine that includes biking and swimming. 

Any triathletes out there? Advice for newbies? 

Yes or no: It would be a great idea to ride a cruiser in a triathlon? 😉

So many possibilities. A triathlon would add a whole new dynamic to training and although it would be more time consuming, I like the idea of three sports, each complimenting each other and hopefully reducing my chance of injury. One thing I know I have to work on when training is sleep. I can write about it over and over again on this blog but sometimes it’s just too easy to say “one more chapter of this book” or “one more episode of this show” or “I have three assignments due this week, I have to keep working!” With school starting up, some nights I have been getting about 5 hours of sleep and my immune system took a huge hit. I won’t say I am sick because I refuse to get sick, but I may or may not have sneezed 178 times today. Enter; NeoCitran.

I get really excited and overwhelmed thinking about training for a BQ marathon, or trying my first triathlon – but in the best way possible. My next race is undetermined as of now. I want to run the MEC half marathon here in St. Albert on October 25 but I don’t know if it is too close to Sunday’s race or not. Maybe I will convince my mom or brother to do it and run with them! They usually bluntly refuse when I suggest stuff like that… 

I am currently on day 4 of no running and it has been really good. On Tuesday I did that little ab workout and zero cardio. Yesterday I did 60 minutes on the elliptical and a major arms workout. Tonight I am hitting the pool with a friend and getting my swim on! Not running has let me get some awesome cross training in!

Have you ever run the prestigious Boston Marathon or even better, did you get in this year?!

How far in advance do you make your race schedule?


  1. I have been trying to get into Boston for several years now, and after a few years I finally made it this past Wednesday. I was incredibly excited and I can’t wait to go up there this April to run it for the first time.

  2. Boston isn’t as big a deal for me (probably because I’m not a fast runner so why get excited?). At the top of my marathon bucket list is the Athens Marathon in Greece (the original course!). I try and choose races/events that have some degree of significance for me personally. Boston may eventually make my list, but I would need to cut my min/mile time in half and ummm let’s just say I don’t really see that happening. You never know though…I could get faster 😉

  3. Don’t spend ALL your tri training time in the pool like I did. The swim went great, but everyone passed me on the bike. The bike is where you can make significant cuts in your overall time.
    Also – my wife will be running her 5th Boston in a row in 2015, so I’ll be there… but waiting patiently at the finish!
    — Brent from Champion

    1. I think the swim is my worst event so I can see how focusing too much on it would be a problem! Thanks for the tips! You’ll be the best cheerleader! Thanks for everything Brent!

  4. Boston is not in my plans, ever. I am fully aware I could never be that fast but am okay with it. You are speedy though and I fully believe you could qualify.
    I haven’t thought about my race schedule for next year yet. I’m going to wait and see how the NYC marathon goes and then plan after that point.

  5. I joined the swim team this year with the hope of completing a triathlon next year. I find the training to be really confusing compared to running so hopefully I can find a good program that teaches me how to fit in all three sports in one week.

    1. I think the training is very confusing too! I am searching for a program that fits my schedule but will also get me really prepared for the event! Good luck girl!

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