Overnight oats: my latest morning happening.

I am definitely an all or nothing person. I become obsessed with a recipe or a meal and I make it every day non-stop until I get tired of it or find something new, and I move on. This especially occurs with breakfast. My staple and go-to breakfast is oatmeal (usually with banana and copious amounts of peanut butter) or an oatmeal protein pancake, but most weeks I find myself loving some latest-amazing-new-perfect-breakfast-trend and eating it for a week or two straight and then abandoning it. What is life without whimsy. It happened with eating quinoa and quinoats for breakfast, eggs in a pita, protein shakes, and smoothies. My latest? Overnight oats.

So, this happened yesterday. 

My mom told me to remember to dead head her flowers while she was on vacation and make sure I pick out each and every one of the dead flowers… I think these flowers have bigger problems, like trying not to freeze. It was a chilly day yesterday and today is just about the same. As cool as I would be carrying a big steaming bowl of oatmeal to school, it probably wouldn’t go over so well. Overnight oats? Now these babies are portable. 

I have made a few different variations of overnight oats just to try and test the boundaries of this awesome foodie trend. I start with the same base formula of ingredients and then just add the toppings that sound good to me that day. 

  • 1/3 cup quick oats
  • 1/4 cup plain 0% greek yogurt
  • 1/3-1/2 cup milk

Yup, that’s it. Then I add the good stuff. 

Brownie batter overnight oats: Base, cocoa powder, packet of splenda, half a scoop of chocolate protein powder, and topped with a chopped dark chocolate square. I used chocolate soy milk as the milk in the base. 

Strawberries and cream overnight oats: Base, I used vanilla yogurt to replace the plain greek yogurt and vanilla soy milk to replace the milk, and chopped strawberries.

Apple cinnamon raisin (aka apple pie) overnight oats: Base, chopped apple, raisins, cinnamon. 

Strawberry shortcake overnight oats: Base, using strawberry or triple berry yogurt to replace the plain greek yogurt, and almond milk to replace the milk, chopped strawberries. 

Banana bread overnight oats: Base, sliced banana, cinnamon, walnuts. 

I just cannot believe how versatile this meal is. I thought the idea of cold oatmeal was insane. “Why would anyone give up melting peanut butter rolling over a bowl of steaming hot oats?” I thought. I was so young and naive before I tried these… a week ago. The oatmeal just soaks the milk and yogurt right up and it is so creamy and delicious. A lot of recipes tell you to wait to add the toppings the next morning but I have just added them to the base mixture the night before and it has been perfect. Even the walnuts were still crunchy the next day in the banana bread version. 

I have been eating these as a mid-morning meal. After my workout I usually get ready for school and work super quickly, blend up a smoothie or grab some fruit before running out the door to catch the bus to school. When I get to school, after my first classes, or closer to noon if I had a bigger breakfast, I pull out my overnight oats and they are the perfect hardy snack or meal. Plus, the toppings are kind of endless! Who knows how long this breakfast trend will stick around but it looks promising 😉

Have you tried overnight oats?

What is your favourite thing to add to them?


  1. Never tried overnight oats but those recipes look good! I’ll have to replace the yogurt with something else though (can’t have any dairy…and soy yogurt doesn’t taste that great to me).

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