Perhaps a new gym routine?

Yesterday I got 3.08 easy miles in before school. My alarm went off at 4:58 am and I turned it off and told myself to stop being crazy and go back to sleep. I laid there feeling guilty for not sticking to my plan of getting a short run in before leaving for the bus, and I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I laced up and hit the extremely dark streets. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like running in the dark. It is scary (I always bring my phone in the dark), it is boring to not be able to see anything, and I trip over tree roots. Not a fun time. I did it though and that quick run got my energy flowing for the day so I am kind of glad I did it. Having to put on a jacket to run because there was a windchill of THREE degrees Celsius means only one thing:

I was at school most of the day, but came home and quickly changed into my workout gear (I was actually wearing jeans people, it’s a miracle), before I saw any food in my house or my very comfortable couch, and headed to the gym for another little cardio sesh. I conveniently had my computer with me in the car from school so I brought it into the gym with me, propped it up on the spin bike, and got my sweat on while watching one of my favourite movies: Crazy Stupid Love.

I did a steady ride at about 85-95 rpm with two pyramid hill climbs, each about 12 minutes long, thrown in for good measure. I was dripping and I forgot how much that bike makes me sweat. My spin classes ended before the marathon in August and now I miss them! I rode for about 65 minutes and then called it a day and headed home. As I was walking out of the gym I noticed that on Thursdays after work, ALL OF THE HOT GUYS GO TO THE GYM. If you need me on Thursday nights, I will be doing 3-hour workouts at the gym. I’ll probably be doing lots of squats and such. I think that will be my new gym routine 😉

I am loving having my own work space at school. Perks of being a grad student, I get my own cubicle. It’s adorable, but I need some advice on how to decorate it to make it look cuter. Thoughts?

My brother even came to visit me yesterday afternoon in between his classes! He ate lunch with me and did some studying. None of my cube-mates were in, so he had a desk to himself! I am auditing a nutrition course this semester and I think I am going to love it. I get to learn the basics of nutrition (most of which I am familiar with but there is always something new to learn 🙂 but without the stresses of writing exams! Auditing is the way to go. Nutrition textbooks are meant for eating all of your healthy food on, right?

Facts I learned in class: Over half of Canadian adults eat less than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day (the recommended quantity is 7-10) and 2/3 of Canadians don’t get enough milk and alternatives every day. Crazy right!

This morning I hit the gym nice and early for a solid cardio and strength workout. I have officially surpassed two minutes on my daily wall-sit so that means I have to do at least two minutes or more every day for the rest of September… oh goodness. 

I have had to adjust my workout schedule like crazy with the start of school and now these insanely dark mornings. I am not unhappy about it because there are some fine gentlemen exercising in the evenings and I would be happy to join them! I’ll just do my wall sit facing the weight room… I’ll be able to squat there for much longer that way. 

What should I do to spice up my cubicle (besides spilling spicy guacamole on it like I did today)?

Running in the dark – do you do it? 


  1. Good for you getting up and getting your run out of the way even though it was still dark out. I couldn’t do that. I don’t think it’s just Canadians that don’t get enough fruits and veggies. Americans I bet are just as bad if not worse.

  2. It’s usually dark when I start out on my morning running sessions. I run with a personal alarm and pepper spray (I had a close “very concerning” call a while back). Good luck with school!!

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