Stoked Oats: REVIEW!

Last night was spent catching up with my parents after they returned home from their three and a half week vacation in Europe! They had such a wonderful trip and I am so glad they got to get away together for an unforgettable experience. My dad told me he missed me as much as he missed his natural peanut butter so that was a pretty heart-warming moment. 

My dad is a routine-oriented guy. He wakes up at the same time every day. Drive to work the same route at the same time. Workouts out and does a series of routine stretches. Eats oatmeal in his office at the same time. Adds peanut butter, raisins, chia seeds, and other random healthy nonsense to each bowl of oatmeal. He doesn’t exactly stray from his “normal” with ease so when I was given the chance to review Stoked Oats, I knew just the oatmeal king to help me with it. He was packing for Europe at the end of August and he decided to pack oatmeal for mornings in hotels and apartments – I asked him to throw in some Stoked Oats and let me know how they were!

I didn’t even ask him to take pictures of making oatmeal and eating the oatmeal but as the father of a blogger he knew what was up. Love this guy.

Stoked Oats gave me two kinds of oatmeal to try, the Aphrodisi-oats and the RedLine. They come in super convenient single-serving packages. At about 180 calories each, you could potentially use two if you needed the extra carbs in the morning or add fruit, nut butter, seeds, or even egg whites to the mix for a heartier breakfast. My dad actually added extra plain oats so he got the flavour of the Stoked Oats but in a bit of a larger portion. 

Cooking up these oats in Paris, France definitely gave my dad the fuel he needed for the long days of walking, eating, drinking, touring, and drinking. The Aphrodisi-oats (<- how cute is that name?) are a mixture of oats, chocolate, almonds, chia seeds, and flax. Chocolate for breakfast? 🙂

Review: My dad liked the almonds in the oats because he typically adds peanut butter to them anyway, but he wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate. I thought chocolate for breakfast was a no brainer but apparently it’s not for everyone. The added protein powder made them a little heartier than your typical bowl of oats which is an added bonus! My dad usually adds things like chia seeds and flax seed to his oatmeal so it was nice to see these health-bombs included in ready made oatmeal packages. 

The second kind of oats he tried were the RedLine Oats. With chocolate and chia, similar to the previous kind, there wasn’t a revolutionary difference between the two but this one has coffee too!

Review: My dad said the coffee wasn’t overpowering at all, and possibly because he added extra oats to the bowl, it wasn’t entirely noticeable. He loved the texture of the blend with all of the added chia, flax, and nuts. Again, the chocolate wasn’t his favourite because it melts when cooking the oats and therefore coats the entire bowl of oats in chocolate. He has no sweet tooth whatsoever so I think this is probably a personal preference. The walnuts, flax, protein, and chia seeds are always winners in a bowl of oats. 

Overall, my dad thought they were really good. He could have done without the chocolate because sweet oatmeal is not his thing but the fact that the oats had chia, flax, nuts, and protein was a huge positive. The added oats was a personal serving size matter but they could easily have just been eaten as-is from the package!

Stoked Oats is an awesome company, based out of Canmore, Alberta. One of the co-founders of Stoked Oats is an amazing athlete and actually was out for a bike ride along the Legacy Trail, and he saw my mom and I walking from Canmore to Banff and back – small world! Stoked Oats is rapidly expanding and you can actually probably find their oats in many of your local grocers. They are continuously adding locations in Alberta but have many retailers in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and even the Yukon! Find the closest location to you HERE

Some of the best things about Stoked Oats:

  • They are FULL of awesome super health foods like chia and flax seeds. 
  • They are all gluten free oats.
  • Whey protein is added to the mix for a perfect breakfast combination – pre or post workout!
  • Dark organic chocolate chips are the ONLY sweeteners in any of their blends. The ones without dark chocolate don’t have any added sweetener. 
  • The company has a humble beginning and their attitude about business and life is intoxicating. Seriously, these people are awesome.

The Stoked Oats blends available are:

  1. Aphrodisi-Oats: chocolate, almonds, chia & flax.
  2. RedLine Oats: coffee, chocolate, walnuts & chia.
  3. Bucking-Eh Oats: apple, mulberries, black currents & cinnamon.
  4. Stone Age Oats: almonds, walnuts, chia & pumpkin seeds.
  5. Vegan Oats: pumpkin seeds, flax, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds & coconut. 
They all sound pretty amazing, amirite? You can check out more information on Stoked Oats HERE, or follow them on Twitter

Disclaimer: Stoked Oats provided me with oats to review. All text and opinions are my own.
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  1. I just have to get this out of the way first … your dad is super cute. Ha ha I have been hearing so much about stoked oats that I must try. Thanks for writing the review.

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