That time I tried to be a hippie: Homemade hummus.

As my brother and I try and get back into the school routine, the importance of packing lunches (and healthy lunches) becomes super evident. There are SO many fast food joints, food trucks, hot dog sales, bake sales, restaurants, and coffee shops on campus and they are very easy and convenient to stop at for a drink or a bite to eat. Not only would that eat up my bank account, but they usually aren’t the healthiest. Some schools have really tried to make nutrition a priority for students and incorporate more healthy choices on campus but they come with a hefty price tag. $4.95 for pretzel chips and hummus? I think I could buy 13 servings of that concoction at a grocery store for that price!

My parents are on vacation right now and my brother and I are really living it up. We can get pretty rowdy when they aren’t home… the other night we attempted cooking tofu for the first time in a stir fry, and then we bought cans of chickpeas and made homemade hummus. Yup… just so rowdy.

I have only made hummus once before and I made the same mistake this time as I did that initial time – adding too much garlic, but besides that, it was delicious! We spend about 7.3% of our food budget on hummus so why not try making it at home for cheaper. Plus, homemade always tastes better, even if there is a ridiculous amount of garlic in it. 

We have a dishwasher safe food processor, so that made it 9308741 times easier to make and clean up really quickly. Scraping chickpeas out of the crevices of a mixer is not fun so try and find a dish-washer safe one that you can toss in and clean easily! We used THIS recipe and followed it exactly. We actually doubled it and used two cans of chickpeas so that we could each take some in our lunches all week. It made about 3-4 cups.

It was super easy to make and the only “strange” ingredient is tahini which normally we wouldn’t have on hand, but added it to our grocery shopping list this week. If you are having trouble finding tahini, look for “sesame seed butter” in the organic food section of your grocery store. I think next time, instead of garlic, we will try a spicy version of hummus. My mom bought some chipotle olive oil a few weeks ago that I think would make amazing hummus. If you want to add some colour and greens to your hummus, you could add spinach or kale! I may buy a jar of roasted red peppers, or roast some up myself for our next batch.

Garlic Hummus
Adapted from Inspired Taste.
Makes ~12-16 servings

2 (15 oz.) cans of chickpeas, drained and rinsed.
1/2 cup of lemon juice.
1/2 cup tahini.
1 giant heaping tablespoon of minced garlic (or less if you have a significant other that you don’t want to offend).
1/4 cup of olive oil
1/2 tsp salt.
1 tsp ground cumin (I love the smell of cumin).
1/4 cup water.

Combine the tahini and lemon juice in the food processor and blend for one minute. Scrape the sides and blend again for 30 seconds. Add the olive oil, garlic, cumin, and salt and blend for another minute. Add drained and rinsed chickpeas in four stages, blending for 30 seconds in between. Then, add a tablespoon of water at a time until you reach your desired consistency.


I’m surprised we didn’t store the hummus in mason jars and snack on it on our way to yoga after this hippie experience. I really like the feeling of making something by hand instead of buying it though. We normally buy Costco-sized tubs of hummus, probably close to once every week or two because everyone in my family loves it, but it is so easy to whip up at batch on the weekend and have some ready for the entire week! The recipe we used recommends only keeping it stored in the fridge for ~7 days. I also get really tired of having the same flavour of hummus so this is a great way to switch it up every week!

Yesterday I went for a 10.10 mile run before school. It was really slow and my legs felt like lead. I wasn’t breathing heavy so I knew it was just my tired leg muscles that were making for a slow run. I got it done, albeit with a little rain and a lot of complaining 😉 This morning I headed out for a few miles before my super early class. It is really weird running in the dark on these early mornings again! Time to bust out some reflectors!

What is one thing you make at home that you can’t believe you bought before?

Best thing to dip in hummus? 


  1. Hummus is my favorite thing to make at home too 🙂 I make this recipe ( except I leave out the olives, and it’s super good! I can’t eat store bought anymore because my standards are too high now haha. My favorite thing to dip in black bean hummus is sweet potato fries, or just pita chips for regular hummus 🙂

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