The Fall Bucket List: It’s all pumpkin.

It is “technically” fall yet, but if you live in Canada or follow Canadians on instagram you have likely seen that we have already had snow and the temperatures haven’t climbed out of the single digits in days. In fact, there is a windchill of -7 this morning… fun times. BUT there is always a bright side. For instance, I love my running tights and I get to start wearing them extra early this year, and I love boots and scarves, so that is a fun treat. I also love pumpkin. There are already tons of pumpkin recipes, products, and blog posts swirling around the internet, so here is one more. 

Presenting, my fall bucket list: I will be turning into a pumpkin by December. 

Naturally, pumpkin tea. I drink tea every day, usually an herbal one at night before I go to bed, so obviously I am a huge tea fan. I love chamomile, Tetley Warmth, and all things mint but this one could be a good one!

Ummm, since when has this been happening? Ghiradelli PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE? I have tried their seasonal winter one; peppermint chocolate but this pumpkin stuff looks interesting!

I think I would actually fall in love with these. I have a secret love for Eggos (and have probably had them a maximum of three times in my life), so I may have to get my hands on these. Maple syrup on some pumpkin waffles sounds amazing.

The classic. They even came out early this year and I still haven’t had one. Pumpkin spice lattes. Actually, a soy half sweet pumpkin spice americano misto please. If someone could run out and grab me one right now that’d be great… no? No one?

If you don’t want the latte version, how about some pumpkin spice ice cream. If you don’t live in the frigid arctic like I do, a frozen pumpkin spice treat might be more to your liking. 

I have a feeling that if I made this as pumpkin spice pudding it would taste like eating the inside of a pumpkin pie. I am 100% okay with that. Who needs a pie crust and all of those wasted calories when you can eat unlimited pie filling?

NEW this year. Pumpkin flavoured bagels! They are also making english muffins! THIS is how you carboload for your fall races, people!

And if you were thinking, “Well, a pumpkin flavoured bagel is great, but I really want more pumpkin to add to my pumpkin,” you would be in luck because if you add some pumpkin cream cheese to that bad boy, you have yourself a pumpkin explosion in your mouth.

If you take some of that pumpkin chocolate from above, and add some graham crackers, you have 2/3 necessary ingredients for s’mores. In all of your fall camping you probably haven’t been doing s’mores right if you haven’t been using these pumpkin flavoured marshmallows. Bam, pumpkin s’mores.

Also NEW this year, pumpkin flavoured M&Ms. Even the M&M on the bag looks confused. Yes, yes this is really happening. More pumpkin flavoured chocolate.

Another snack food I must try: pumpkin almonds. An interesting combo. I can’t tell if these would be sweet like artificial pumpkin flavouring or savoury like real pumpkin… so many unknowns. 

I don’t actually know how many of these products are sold in Canada and whether or not I even have access to them but if I do I am determined to try them. I am also definitely going to be trying recipes for pumpkin overnight oats, like THIS one. I am having another bowl of apple pie overnight oats today and I just can’t wait to enjoy some pumpkin ones!

What is the craziest pumpkin product you have seen?

Are you a pumpkin fan?! What is your favourite way to eat/drink pumpkin?


  1. I love pumpkin! I don’t really like PSLs, but I add the syrup to a cup of pike and it’s good that way 🙂 I’ll have to try the misto though, that sounds so good! I love making pumpkin pie oats and pumpkin brownies in the fall.

  2. Yes to pumpkin in ALL the things! I’m trying not to go overboard this year when it comes to the recipes I share, but you better believe I’ll be loading up with as much pumpkin as I can! If you love tea, have you had the pumpkin chai from David’s? Un.REAL. And you can always have your first PSL this weekend 😉

  3. Pumpkin chai tea from David’s tea is the best! And I bought some pumpkin spice pasta from a farmers market in Winnipeg and it was actually AMAZING. Not sweet and fake like the commercial pumpkin spice flavour. I should get my mom to send you some!

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