While the parents are away, the kids shall play.

As an extremely fortunate graduate student, I am attending University while living at home. I tell people it’s an economical thing but I love my family to death and it has been the best living situation for me right now! It was weird when my parents were away for three and a half weeks on their European vacation, but kind of nice. Not that I didn’t miss them, it was just awesome to run the house with my brother, do our own thang, on our own schedule! It was really weird though, because I think we ate even healthier when my parents were gone. 

Buying groceries is one of my favourite things to do. I think I could spend hours grocery shopping. Actually I think I did spend hours grocery shopping. There are just so many awesome foods to try and I love wandering the aisles thinking up things in my head that I could make! My brother and I bought tons of fresh veggies and fruit and we loved buying fresh bread every week. We are both avocado addicts so there was no shortage of healthy fats to go around!

Even weirder… we started eating TOFU. Who does that? Baking up a cubed brick of tofu was perfect for throwing in school lunches on salads or tossing into stir fry or a noodle dish for dinner. We also attempted, very successfully might I add, making our own hummus. My first batch was crazy garlicy but the second batch I used garlic powder instead of minced garlic and it was much better! I made my first zucchini pizza crust and it was wildly delicious – it was just a strange colour!

We didn’t JUST eat healthy food. There was a fare share of baked goods and dessert but we managed to make each and every one as healthy as possible. On crisps we cut out most of the butter and used applesauce, in muffins I used greek yogurt and olive oil instead of butter and buttermilk, and there was always lots of fruit and fiber in our desserts! Well… maybe not the chocolate chip cookies 😉

Meanwhile, halfway across the world, my parents were indulging like no other. I am so proud of them. My mom, who never eats bread or carbs like pasta and pizza, actually enjoyed lots of pizza, bread, and baguettes. My dad became familiar with “morning beer” and there are more photos of them and alcohol than pretty much anything else!

They really wanted to experience it all. These two health conscious crazies really enjoyed themselves and they don’t regret it one bit. One night after finishing a two-scoop cone of gelato, my mom remembered that she wanted to try one of the giant meringues before she left Venice. Instead of saying “Oh well,” she marched back to the bakery and bought and ate that meringue. Two points for dedication to glutton 😉 The photo in the bottom right is my mom’s lunch while traveling – wine and chocolate. 

For two people who hardly ever treat themselves it was good to see them enjoy the tastes of Europe. They knew it was temporary and they were informed they were coming home to a house full of smoothie-making, hummus-connisseuring, tofu-baking kids. I think one of the reasons my brother and I ate so healthily was that because we were strictly buying our own food, we didn’t add any treats or unhealthy food to the shopping cart when we got groceries. It was just the two of us so we bought what we needed and nothing more. When it is in the house, it is guaranteed it will be eaten, so keeping junk food out of the house was the best option!

Last night my mom and I went to a drop in spin class that was KILLER. We didn’t know if it was because we hadn’t been to a spin class in a few weeks or because it was really just super hard but we were dripping with sweat and about to vomit by the end so I guess it was a successful workout? After spin I relaxed for a bit then hit the pool for a late-night swim. 1300m later, I was certainly ready for bed! Thank goodness it’s Friday, I could use a weekend right about now!

What was your last workout?

Do you like to indulge when you are on vacation or do you try to stick to your “normal” eating routine?


  1. I ran this morning (and yesterday…I don’t normally run two days in a row). I normally try and stick to my regular eating routine even on vacation, but on occasion I will indulge. I always regret going overboard though so I limit the indulging as much as I can

  2. Zucchini pizza crust looks really interesting! Did it taste good. Your dishes look so tasty! I indulged a lot in my pre-running days when I travelled. Yikes. Not anymore. I try to balance.

  3. I indulge for the first few days and then feel like crap and crave veggies! I think travel and eating is all about balance. But also the last time I was in Italy I ate pizza 8 times in 7 days so maybe my concept of balance is a little skewed….

  4. I definitely indulge when I’m on vacation. I balance it by not indulging every meal but I think enjoying life and experiences is equally as important to your health as the food you are eating.

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