A sibling run that didn’t start with mashed potatoes.

I managed to make my brother forget the worst run of his life last week (aka. the mashed potato fuelled run) and convince him that it would be a good idea to go running with me again last night. I don’t know how I did it but I think I have real magical powers. He actually said he didn’t want to go for a run. Then he said he was only going to go for 2 or 3 miles. I was forced to lie to him about how far we had run so he had to stick it out for 4. I’m such a good sister. He was totally cool about it though.

It was actually a really great run. These October days filled with sunshine and a crisp air are AH-MAZING for running! We just ran out in the country and talked about the most random things. I told him we needed a post-run selfie but when I grabbed my phone he looked at me, “Oh, you were serious?”

Yes, I was serious. And all he wanted to do was watch the hockey game.

We ran a total of 4 miles together and then I wasn’t quite ready to stop running so I continued on for a few more. Almost 7 miles and I thought I could keep running forever but my stomach was more than ready for dinner. The splits from the portion of my run with my brother show that we ran faster and faster – in other words, once Stuart figured out the Habs game had started, he ran faster to get home and watch it.

Seriously. This weather, though. Running on the paths lined with fallen leaves surrounded by yellow and orange? Yes please! This was the clearest picture I took. Heaven forbid I stop running to take a photo.

Either I fell down, or I was just running super fast.

When I got home it was almost 7 and I had finished my lunch and snacks early in the day at school so I was HUNGRY. I always get home from school ready for a snack but I knew I would be running, and as we learned from last week, eating RIGHT before running is just never a good idea. I made dinner super fast and ate it even faster. Garden carrots + hummus, goat cheese pesto pita pizza, and some grapes. 

Best part about my run today? (Besides getting to spend time with one of my favourite people of course), I actually ran the entire length of my run WITH MY HAIR IN A BUN! It’s a miracle. It always falls out and I automatically put my hair in a ponytail to run but today I thought I would give my bun a chance and it worked! Woo!

Is it still decent running whether where you live?

What is the best run you have had in the last week?


  1. NS has been having great weather! This week is pretty darn rainy, but we can’t complain because it’s been awesome! Rainy days are a good excuse to catch up on the Good Wife though haha!

  2. The weather in Florida now has been pretty amazing for running! The Summer humidity is going away (for the most part) and the temps are cooler in the morning when I run.
    I wish my twin sister lived closer so I could run with her…you’re lucky to have a “runner” sibling close by to run with you.

  3. The weather here is perfect for running when it isn’t raining…which sadly is not very often in Vancouver! Somehow I lucked out this morning though and had a 100% dry run. It was glorious, even though it was basically pitch black and I couldn’t see the ground beneath my feet. 😉

  4. Well, I was supposed to be recovering this week but I ‘accediently’ went to a Monday night group trail run. It was awesome. Like you said, it’s soooo nice out right now.

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