Cycling Wishlist.

I will be testing out my latest spin playlist this weekend on my indoor trainer. I really love having the ability to get an awesome cardio workout right at home. I feel like it is also going to be great preparation for when next cycling season rolls around, because I will be used to everything about my bike and I will be able to instantly hit the pavement and go. I am mostly training my butt to sit on something so uncomfortable!

My set up is pretty basic, and the most extraordinary part of my set up is the amount of effort I put into making sure I had enough electronics around me to not get bored. When you are cycling outdoors, there is always something to look at… inside, not so much. Now that I have a space for my computer, headphones, and speakers, I have a few accessories on my wish list to make the cycling experience even better. 

  • iPhone Bike Mount
I have been stealing my mom’s phone case to hold my phone on my bike while cycling, mostly to be able to see the time pass as I ride, but I would love to have one mounted to my bike. THIS one is for the iPhone 4 because I am rocking that ancient version, but there are versions for all phones. 

  • Elevator Block
I have yet to try and incorporate hills into my indoor cycling workouts, but I think this would be a great tool to do it. You can adjust your front tire to different heights to simulate various hills! THIS one has 5 different levels that can reach up to 6% incline.
  • Frame Protector
I have honestly asked my dad if sweat will stain or damage our garage floor in any way. I was concerned when it was pouring off of me and I could see dark patches forming under my bike. He said no, but I am also a little concerned about my frame. I wipe it down after every workout but THIS would be kind of cool nerdy of me to use to protect my frame from sweat and subsequently rust and corrosion. It’s also washing machine friendly!

  • Seat bag
It might not be necessary for stationary riding because the tool box in my garage is literally four feet away from where my bike is, but I definitely figured out the importance of having one of these seat bags with essential tools on the road. I was not proud of calling my dad 15 minutes out of town this summer when I had a flat tire and no way to repair it myself. I could also keep SNACKS in HERE!

  • Cycling Vest
Because looking great is necessary indoors and out. My dad peeks in on me in the garage before he leaves for work in the morning to see if I am actually cycling or just on my bike watching TV. He claims I am doing the latter but my sweat stains would disagree. He definitely wouldn’t miss me riding in THIS cycling vest. I am in need (and by “need” I mean I really want it) of a light vest for cycling and running. I love that cycling vests are longer than running vests which works better on my long body!

  • Bike Mechanic Lessons
Last, but certainly not least, I have been hoping to take one or two of the bike maintenance workshops that MEC offers at a very reasonably price every weekend. I tend to work most weekends at my part-time job but I am determined to find a date and learn as much as I can about how to properly maintain my bike. They have a ton of “Bike Maintenance 101” workshops, as well as a series of more advanced workshops that are about derailleurs, brakes, and drivetrains. You can find the list of events in your area HERE!

Mom, don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to get ALL of these items for me for Christmas, but a good 80% of them would be nice πŸ˜‰ 

It looks like I’ll be making some trips to MEC and other cycling retailers in Alberta! I love finding awesome things to make the biking experience better, but the most important thing is just getting out (or in your garage or basement) and riding! There is nothing like a good cycling session with lots of sweat to get the endorphins flowing!

What is your favourite cycling (or any exercise) accessory?

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!


  1. I need a bigger bento box now that I have a new phone, which is my new favourite accessory. MEC has a tonne of good stuff, stuff you didn’t know you needed.

  2. That’s definitely a well thought out wish list πŸ™‚ I would love to try out road cycling, but I’d be afraid of getting hit by cars where I live. I’m working on Halloween, but Starbucks is letting us dress up this year so all of the baristas at my store are going as zombies πŸ™‚

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