Happy Halloween!

I think we should have worn costumes to last night’s spin class. That would have made it more silly fun and less I-want-to-die fun. Zombie costumes wouldn’t have worked though because we all look dead by the end anyway. I cannot wait to hand out treats to the adorable little princesses and bumble bees and superheroes tonight!

Who? Me?

Banana ghosts and pumpkin oranges are COOL, ok? I seriously suggested handing out healthy treats to kids who came to our house but my parents didn’t want egg all over our house so we decided against it. I would totally bring this to a Halloween party though.

Or this.

The only problem with those carved pumpkin yams is that they would take me about 2 hours to meticulously cut, and then 20 seconds to inhale. If anyone really wants to test out their food art and make those pumpkins, I would love to be your food photographer and taste tester. 

I miss the days of Trick-Or-Treating. My mom made a lot of our costumes when we were little, she is super crafty and would always have awesome ideas for us to dress us. I don’t know how she came up with this idea, or maybe I was just really into the weather when I was 5? All I know is that I can really pull off the cloud look. What a dynamite TBT photo. 

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone, and if you really want to see something scary, you should check THIS out. Once you have seen it, you can’t unsee it, so click the link if you dare! 

What is your favourite Halloween candy?

What is your least favourite? aka. What did you always so selflessly give to your younger sibling? 😉