How do our sibling runs always end like this?

Yesterday my brother and I were starving when we got home from school. Stuart was hungry because he hadn’t felt like eating all day and most of the food he had packed was still in his backpack, while I was hungry because I had eaten all of my six meals by 11:30 am. In the morning I asked my brother if he wanted to go for a run after school and he told me he would think about it. That usually means no so I hadn’t really planned on getting that bonus workout in. When I got home I had some raisins and walnuts and started cutting up some honeydew melon when Stuart said, “Hey, are we still running?”


It isn’t every day that my brother wants to go running with me. I would NEVER say no. I also never eat that close to a run, but I figured raisins and walnuts weren’t the worst thing I could have so I put on some spandex and laced up. Stuart decided on mashed potatoes and gravy with a sausage for his pre-run fuel. You can probably guess how this run went.

Our first mile was 8:15. Stuart commented on how SLOW we were going. Ummm, what? That’s a pretty great pace for racing out the door after shoving some snacks in our faces but whatever. I knew it was going to be a short run so I figured I could definitely keep that pace and probably even go faster, but Stuart didn’t feel the same way. He started hurting about 1.4 miles in. The next 1.7 miles were pure torture for him and I tried to be as encouraging as possible. 

We ran a solid 5K (3.1 miles) with an average pace of 8:26 min/mile. It was super windy but it was nice and warm out so it felt great. It was a great way to shake out my legs after doing 50 minutes on the spin bike in the morning, which included 20 minutes of intervals. I did 20 rounds of 30 seconds HARD; 30 seconds easy. There are some sweat stains on the garage floor. 

I don’t know how long it will be this time until our next sibling run because clearly this one didn’t go as well as Stuart had anticipated. While I stretched on the basement floor, Stuart laid on the couch and tried to recover 😉

Our sibling runs don’t always end on the best note but this shouldn’t deter Stuart from running with me right? I hope not.

Do you ever get to work out with your sibling?

What is the worst food to eat before running that YOU have experienced?


  1. I’ve run after eating pizza and then another time, steak. Worst runs ever. So I would imagine a steak pizza would be worst of all!

  2. Last week I ate a sandwich and ALL the berries about two hours before running…I think it was actually the worst run of my entire life. It doesn’t seem like it would be too bad, but I think all that fibre seriously messed with me. Back to morning runs, no doubt about it!

  3. This reminds me of two people who thought they could walk from Canmore to Banff (half marathon), eat nachos, then walk back.

  4. The two that come to mind for me are cheese and crackers (I’m guessing it was mostly the cheese) and steak (NEVER run 20 minutes after eating a steak…worst thing ever).

  5. I think a heavy meal like that before a run would make anyone want to keel over. I can just imagine the mashed potatoes feeling like a rock in my stomach as I ran.

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