I tried to glow in the dark.

Yesterday afternoon I had time to kill between class and work. Why not get a little cycling in? I was really cold when I got home from school so I put on a long sleeve shirt. 5 minutes in I regretted it. I really need a fan. I got all caught up on Grey’s Anatomy. I feel a lot better about watching guilty pleasure tv shows when I am exercising while I do it.

I stole my mom’s bike cell phone holder and put it on my bike so I could watch the time and check Instagram and Twitter. It is really handy because Grey’s Anatomy has to be full screen so I can see all of the awesome and totally real surgeries, so having the time on my phone is perfect. I span for 45 minutes and then figured I should probably shower before I disgust everyone at work.

I was more than happy when my friend asked if I wanted to run with him this morning! He had a super slow run on his training schedule which equals my perfect casual speed, so we got some early miles done before the sun rose! I showed up at the corner outside of his house and he was wearing all black. Like a criminal… in the pitch black.

I was the responsible one that dressed like a pilon and tried to glow in the dark. I think even in the dark I was lighting the way. It wasn’t too bad because the route that my friend had planned was on well-lit streets and it was getting pretty light by the time we had finished. His plan was for 5 miles and by the time I got to his house and back I had done 7.31 at about a 9-minute pace.

My Garmin has been taking forevverrrrrrrr to get connection to the satellites when I turn it on. I think it has been doing this every since the latest Garmin update so I’m curious as to whether anyone else has had this issue. I was standing on my driveway waving my arm like a loser trying to get the satellites to connect… it’s a good thing it was dark. I turned off my auto-pause because during the run it sometimes loses the satellites and auto-pauses/auto-starts a bunch of times. Weird. Oh well, an hour run, done before 7:30 on a Saturday!

I have to admit, it was pretty gorgeous by the time we were finishing our run.

Those hills at the end were killer. It’s always fun finished a run uphill though, right? Benefits of living at the highest elevation in town.

It had just rained a little overnight so the streets around my house were MUD. The last stretch of road on my way home was crazy muddy and slippery and I almost fell twice. It makes me feel a little bad ass when I come home with mud on my legs though.

It was a good run and it is always 29076X better running with friends. I love feeling like you are the only few people out of bed and hitting the pavement on a weekend morning. I had to slightly rush to work when I got out of the shower so I burnt my tongue on my oatmeal. Worth it for such a fun run 🙂

What are YOUR weekend plans?

Do you eat something different for breakfast on weekends or stick to the same routine?


  1. I think we pretty much stick to the same breakfast routine but the odd time we’ll make waffles or something a little more involved.
    Thanks for the great run this morning…at least one of us dressed in some bright clothes. 🙂

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