Indoor Cycling Trainer Workouts.

I have a feeling that my wind trainer routine could become way too familiar this winter. Put on my clip shoes, pick a movie or show that I want to watch, get on the bike, spin. Yes, it’s great cardio and I will definitely be getting a workout, but it’s probably not going to be the most effective workout if I do that every time I hit up the trainer in my garage. 

I have looked up a few indoor trainer workouts but it is not very different from spin classes. Aside from the fact that I will have to actually lift my front tire to do hill climbs, the cycling principles are the same. In order to get the most bang for your buck, the best thing to do is SPEEDWORK.

On days that I want to do a crazy awesome cycling workout on the trainer I am going to have to actually write out a detailed set of intervals or sets of speed bursts. Otherwise, I will hop on the bike, start my warm up, and an hour later, realize that my warm up turned into an easy spin session. I am waiting to try “hill climbs” on the trainer because I haven’t figured out what to use to prop my front tire up and/or if I am likely to fall off my bike when I do that. 

This morning I got my sweat on in the wee hours of the morning before school. I wrote out an interval workout that I was determined to do, even when my 4:45 am brain said I was being crazy. I left over half of the workout at a moderate or easy intensity so that I could really go hard during the intervals! I think pyramid sprints are my faves. 

It was such a good workout! When I have a workout written down in front of me that I am determined to complete, I manage to get it done. When I try and make one up on the spot, it’s usually not as effective. I used my phone timer for the intervals and it worked really well.

I have already written out my next workout!

A few nights ago I did a 20 minute easy spin after dinner and my chain fell off. How does that even happen? Luckily I am super handy and really good with all things mechanical, so putting it back on was easy peasy 😉 Just a little dirty…

I know for sure that not all of my spin sessions in my garage will be intense interval workouts, because I wouldn’t survive. It’s nice to go hard one or two days a week, like with running, and then take the other workouts to put in a nice aerobic effort. Clipping into the pedals, pressing play on a great show, and just spinning is such a great stress reliever. The post-interval feeling is pretty great too though!

Do you write out your workouts beforehand? 

What is the earliest time of day you will exercise?


  1. I get my run workouts from my coach…I guess that’s pretty much the same as writing them out beforehand. And…a Seinfeld clip in the blog!! Awesome!

  2. The position of the front wheel, up or down, is not particularly relevant. It’s what you do with the gears or trainer resistance that’s important. There are several things that you want to do during spin training.
    Get better at spinning smoothly. (do one leg drill)
    Get better at spinning smoothly faster, with no bounce (easy fast spin up past 200 rpm if you can, very short interval, easy gear)
    Get better at spinning for a long time at the top of your aerobic limit at about 85 or 90 rpm. (this is the really boring one, it takes focus to stay there, but this is what will pay off during a triathlon.)
    Cautiously build aerobic capacity with short, hard sprints. Use heart rate monitor. There is a really good book by Joe Friel about heat rate training. Have fun!

    1. Thanks so much for all of this advice! I will definitely be trying it. I know for sure I need to do single leg work because there are a few dead spots in my stroke.

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