Insane spin classes and flippers in the pool.

Remember the insane Thursday night spin classes I have been talking about? Last night was no different. My mom and I convinced my neighbour to come with us to experience the torturous fun that is Thursday spin and it definitely lived up the our hype. I was dripping by the time we finished our “warm up.” My goal was to hit at least the lower end of the instructor’s range of gears for each drill and I nailed it. I even added a gear to challenge myself in some drills. It. was. awesome.

Like Sunday, I wore my HR monitor because I was curious as to how this spin class compared with my running and Sunday’s spin class (with a different instructor). It was actually so cool to see my HR climb as we did sprint intervals and hill climbs and when she told us to take a break in between drills to lower our HR a bit, I could actually see mine slowly coming down. The biggest dip (in the middle at about 30 mins) is from our longest break in the class – one minute of blissful rest. 

As you can see, my HR rose to almost 180 bpm during the class, with an average of 159 bpm! That’s 10 bpm more than Sunday’s class and almost on par with a normal run! Crazysauce! I loved every moment of last night’s spin class and I swear it felt 5 minutes long, but in reality it was an hour class! I was so sweaty but smiling ear to ear when it was over!

I did something I have been meaning to do for a while last night… buy an external hard drive. My computer is full of thousands of photos, mostly selfies and pictures of oatmeal, and I have been warned every time I turn on my computer that my startup disk and hard drive are almost full for about three months now. It was time.

My mom actually has the exact same external hard drive, although half the size, which I had no idea when I bought mine. I decorated mine so that we could tell them apart. Electronics are meant for arts and crafts, right?

While I was in the crafting mood, I put together some Halloween treats for my coworkers. We have a little game going around our office: If you get a little ghost in your mailbox, he is accompanied by a Halloween treat (someone gave me a dark chocolate granola bar because they knew I loved healthy foods and dark chocolate :), and you have to pass it on to two people! I picked up some orange and black yogurt covered pretzels and Halloween M&Ms for my peeps. Ribbon makes anything look fancy.

While I was at the grocery store I found a giant red pear. I bought it and ate it with my dinner. It was incredibly delicious and not quite soft and ripe yet which is my favourite time to eat them!

After spin last night I went to the pool for a quick dip. I had no friends to go with so I solo’d it… it wasn’t as fun 😉 I did a similar workout to Monday, 500m front crawl, 250m flutter kick with flippers and a kick board, and repeat. A total of 1.5 km. I feel so fast cruising along with my flippers. 

Not actually me. Or my legs. Or the flippers I used. 

As runners, we tend to have pretty tight ankles compared to swimmers. Someone who swims a lot most likely has ankles that love to gracefully flutter and propel you through the water, while me swimming looks more like chaotic leg spasms. In an effort to loosen my ankles a bit, I tried out flippers. A few things about my experience using flippers:

  • They are fun.
  • They made my QUADS burn. How? I think because I have to use a lot more effort to push more water out of the way with the flippers. Also, I am not using my arms, I use a kick board to go back and forth, so it is all leg.
  • I feel fast and graceful cruising through the water.
  • I like not have to wear goggles for a few lengths with doing flutter kick drills.
  • My feet feel naked when I take them off to swim normally. 
  • I have a new fear of becoming flipper-dependant, so I combat this by alternating between normal front crawl, and flutter kick drills with flippers. 
  • I now want to be a mermaid.

HERE and HERE are some great tips for using flippers in the pool. They are sometimes hailed as a huge cheater tool in the pool but I think that really depends what you are using them for. If it is to increase your ankle flexibility and hip movement (like me!) then they are a great tool to use for your pool workouts. If you are using them to rack up mileage in the pool, that is completely your call and no one else should care 🙂

So, now that my legs are completely fried from spin class and a quick little pool workout last night, I’m going to go run a half marathon tomorrow, mmmkay? 
Have you/ do you use flippers in the pool?

If you are in a group exercise class, or with a personal trainer, do you prefer the tough love instructor or the calming and encouraging one? I love when spin instructors yell and have lots of energy, it definitely makes me go harder. 


  1. That pear looks massive! I love pears, but I tend to smother them in peanut butter. 🙂 I should actually try a spin class sometime. I can’t believe I’ve never done one. :0

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