Motivation Monday: October 13.

It was a weekend of races according to my Instagram and Twitter feeds. High profile races like the Chicago Marathon took place this weekend, as well as awesome Canadian races like the Victoria Marathon and the Okanagan Marathon. There was lots of inspiration and motivation to go around this weekend, motivating me to get out the door and burn off the pumpkin pie that will be consumed this evening!

First things first. One of my awesome friends, who I met through running, just ran the Victoria Marathon over the weekend and accomplished his dream of running a sub-3 marathon, running a 2:58:21. I was being a creep and live-tracking his race in the morning. The 30km tracking mat wasn’t working so when he didn’t cross it at the projected time I was panicking – then he crossed the finish and I was forever inspired. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO SHAWN!

News from the weekend races:

  • THIS win at the Kona Ironman World Championships. She ran a 2:50 marathon to FINISH her 140.6 mile race. Insanity.
  • Rita Jeptoo REPEATS at the Chicago Marathon champ! Check out her race results HERE.
  • THIS couple that has run a marathon in ALL 50 states! How awesome is that!

Seeing the results of the Kona Ironman World Championships made me want to get my butt in gear and at least try a triathlon. Hence the reason I was on my bike for a ridiculous 2 hours yesterday. I just wanted to see if I could. Check out these crazy stats about the Kona race. 19 hours is the average hours per week that age-group athletes put in for training – oh dear lord.

Many people have had their turkey dinner, where as I am dining tonight. I have heard lots of numbers thrown out there about how many calories are in the typical Thanksgiving dinner, but 4500 seems to be the most common. It is known as the day that people eat the MOST. Here are some fun (and scary) facts about the typical Thanksgiving dinner…

  • Check out the nutrition information in a Thanksgiving dinner HERE and add up the calories on your plate!
  • Try and guess the calories on each of the plates HERE! I guessed under on every. single. one.
  • If you had to undo one too many buttons on your pants last night, check out ten tips for a healthier thanksgiving HERE!

If you checked out all of those links, I am extremely happy and congratulations 😉 I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed lots of food and family and fun! Feel free to leave a “Congrats” for my friend Shawn because he has worked incredibly hard for his sub-3 and his dedication motivates me every day. 

What is motivating YOU this week?

Tell me about YOUR Thanksgiving traditions and how you celebrated this weekend?


  1. Wow, congrats to your friend! I was at the Victoria Marathon expo working for the Vancouver Marathon booth and it was so fun. I met a lot of fast runners, that’s for sure!

  2. I signed up for Swim Miami 2015 so that is my motivation this week (focusing on cross training). I have a new injury that I am carefully monitoring but hopefully that won’t throw me off my training plans

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words Kris! One of the reasons I love running is because of some awesome people I have met along the way.
    – I’m not sure where you find all these infographs but there great!
    – apparently I can’t guess calorie counts either. Haha. I think I was about half of what each one actually was.
    – and looks like no gravy for me tonight….I’m definitely not doing 50 burpees today 🙂

    Thanks again Kris!

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