Motivation Monday: October 20

Apparently it’s that time of the week. 

I hope you all had amazing weekends! It was gorgeous around these parts and I failed to believe it was the second half of October. I got some solid workouts in over the weekend including a fun two-part workout yesterday! I am running a half marathon with my mom on Saturday, and I haven’t really been digging my runs lately so I hope this weekly dose of motivation will get my legs moving faster and my mind ready for 13.1 miles of fun!

In case you didn’t see it, after the world record was broken in Berlin, Runner’s World did a lot of algorithms and scientific research to figure out what it would take to break 2:00 for the marathon. It would take a whole lotta crazy, that’s what.

THIS article really breaks it down, from perfect race temperature to perfect race course and the exact amount of turns and elevation loss necessary. It is super cool but it made marathons sound really technical and boring – which is not what they are about for me. I am certainly fascinated by the elite runners so this article was great for that 🙂

Oh and in case it wasn’t difficult enough with the weather, the course, the time of year…  you need the perfect runner to run sub-2. No big deal.

The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon happened over the weekend – one of Canada’s biggest events! Congratulations to everyone that participated in the event! If you forgot to train for the race, don’t worry, it happens all the time and you can just watch how Bill Murray is doing it for NYC!

Over the weekend, in an American cross country conference championship, one of the competitors injured herself and was in distress on the side of the course. Many passed her, but one girl stopped and made sure she finished the race. She didn’t just support her and help her walk to the finish, she carried her on her back! THAT deserves a medal! 

Over the weekend THIS man ran his first half marathon after losing 400 lbs! The story of why he started to get into shape and lose weight is pretty cool too. After striking up an internet friendship with a woman in England, he told her his whole story and what his life had come to – being 625 lbs and in serious trouble with his health. She said, “You’re pissing your life up the wall.” It wasn’t exactly the response he expected but when she told him she had myotonic muscular dystrophy and how important health was to her, he made some big changes and lost a ton of weight. He ran his first half marathon yesterday, raising money for… you guessed it… Myotonic Musclar Dystrophy. You can read the whole story HERE.

After a solid week of workouts last week, I am determined to have an even better week this week! It starts with a jump in the pool this morning!

What is motivating YOU this Monday?

Have you ever run a race for charity? Do you always run races for charity? What are your favourites?


  1. Oh Mondays! What’s motivating me today? I’m starting back at indoor soccer tonight – kinda pumped about it 🙂 I haven’t run many races for charity but sometimes they are the best ones to do! PS – I like your new car 🙂

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