Motivation Monday: October 27.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard about the soldier that was killed guarding Parliament hill in Ottawa, Canada this week. It was an incredibly sad and unfortunate event, and I am pretty sure it hit all Canadians harder than we expected. If you actually do live under a rock, I apologize, and you can read a summary of the events HERE. The number of tributes, parades, ceremonies, and national anthems that happened this week in honour of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was astounding. Citizens of Canada uniting together is a really beautiful thing. I got caught in a Youtube loophole of tributes and anthems dedicated to Cirillo and I didn’t stop crying for like an hour. 

In case you also have been watching emotional videos of the incredibly attractive Nathan Cirillo, in an attempt to lighten your heart and make you smile, here are some great Canadian articles. 

25 Dumb Questions Every Canadian Has Had to Answer.

26 Hockey Players Who are Hot as Puck.

Yea, check out that last link for some money Motivation Monday material. Feel free to use those photos and tape them to your elliptical or treadmill to make you workout harder. I think they will make a nice addition to my garage cycling studio. Speaking of hockey players, I am going to the Montreal Canadiens vs. Edmonton Oilers game tonight with my dad and brother! 

A new week = new motivation to kick some butt. Mondays are actually one of my favourite days of the week, they feel fresh and new and exciting! I also usually have a bit more time to workout Monday mornings so I can put my motivation to work!

Bottom line: Just DO. Do something. You can’t and will never be able to do everything, so might as well just do something πŸ™‚ A huge congratulations to everyone that raced this past weekend. I know a few people ran the RnR Vancouver yesterday, and if you missed it, my mom and I ran the MEC Race Series St. Albert Half Marathon on Saturday! Whether it was a PB or a PW (personal worst), the fact is, you did it, and you didn’t give up!

What is ONE thing you are going to accomplish this week?

What/Who is motivation YOU this week?


  1. I am entering into the last two weeks before my second half and I am focusing on getting in some good running sessions, swimming for cross training and really trying to focus on hydration and diet.

    P.S. sadly I do sometimes feel like I live under a rock because I didn’t hear about what happened in Canada….I’m sorry for your country’s loss. Tragedy like that is hard for all πŸ™

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