Motivation Monday: October 6

I kind of had the best rest day ever yesterday. I slept in, I went for coffee, I baked, I ate, I ate some more, and then I went to work. The cans of pureed pumpkin had been staring at me for way too long in the pantry so I figured it was time to bake something with pumpkin! I also am really tired of buying granola bars and Clif bars and I am really appreciating everything homemade, so I tried my hand at making homemade granola bars. The recipe will be on the blog tomorrow because they were the bomb dot com. 

I also continuously have to convince my parents that it is worth their while to let me live at home while going to school, so I reinforce this every once in a while with awesome baking. Every time they start asking me how long my program in school is or they start searching for available apartments in the city, I know it is time to whip up a gorgeous pumpkin loaf and make them forget all about those crazy ideas. 

I had my alarm set this morning for 5:00 am because I had a swim date. It takes a ton of motivation to get me in a bathing suit and swimming laps on a Monday morning before 6 am. It’s a good thing I read a ton of motivational articles for this post because it might not have happened otherwise ;).

For starters, the 2015 Calgary Marathon registration opened. I have such good and bad (mostly bad) memories of this race in June because I was insanely sick and was pretty sure I was going to die on course, but it was also my very first time running a marathon and that will always mean something to me. I kind of want redemption at this race, so I keep going back to the registration page, itching for a chance to do it over. 

Anyone else out there planning on tackling the 51st Calgary Marathon? 

  • THIS article was hilarious and paints a completely accurate picture of my life, entitled, “24 Things Only Girls Who are Constantly Hungry Will Understand.” I knew it was my life story after reading #1. I also keep coffee on me at all times. Just in case. 

  • I cannot believe THIS. A double amputee completed a half Ironman in Georgia. He officially received a DNF as he crossed the finish line after the course had closed, but I think everyone can agree he wins the race… and life. I am already mentally second guessing myself as to whether I could do a half Ironman, but this definitely encourages me to just get it done – because I am more than capable of trying.

  • I had always wondered about THIS. A look at the how far a pro athlete will run while completing a game in their respective sport. Hint: Join a soccer league, not a baseball one. Baseball players ran a generous average of 0.46 miles, while soccer players ran 7! Tennis came in at 3 miles but I am pretty sure those three miles are the craziest, shuffling, sprinting, moving, and intense miles ever. 
If you really want some motivation, head over to the blog Running off the Reese’s because every Monday, Cely throws up a post entitled, “Magnificent Men of Monday.” It’s like Ryan, times a million. 

… and finally, a quote sent to me by my amazing friend James (not James Joyce, it is just a big coincidence that they have the same name), who apparently thinks Ryan Gosling memes are not deep enough and mature enough for motivation…

I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.
– James Joyce

What is motivating YOU this Monday?

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