Oh, just going for a half today.

Let’s not talk about how I am completely NOT mentally prepared for this run, and how I am not physically prepared either. I am finally getting the chance to do a race with my mom and we are just going to do it for the fun of it! No time, no stress, just run. 

The race is literally in our backyard, so it’s just like a casual weekend run. I told my mom I signed up just to run with her and now she is panicking that she won’t be fast enough or she won’t be able to run the whole way. I told her that we can walk whenever, we can run as fast or as slow as she wants, and we don’t need to stress about it.

I don’t know if I have ever done a race on a Saturday before. I don’t have any crazy day-before race superstitions or anything so it’s not a huge deal, especially because we aren’t “racing” it. We fuelled up right with some… tacos? I don’t know if that’s the best race food but lentil tacos are kind of amazing so it was worth it. I tried to hydrate a bit too 🙂

This adorable race that we are doing this morning is an MEC series race. My friend picked up the packages for us, and by packages I mean bibs, safety pins, and a mini pack of SportsBeans. It’s pretty much the same deal as with the $100 races, but we only paid $15 for this one!

Yesterday I checked out the forecast for this morning… just below freezing, no big deal. We are dressed in layers, bundled up, and ready to go out and enjoy a (hopefully) beautiful October morning. 

It might take us 3 hours, it might take 2, but we are going to have FUN. I told my mom that because I was running “her pace” the whole time, I wouldn’t be completely out of breath and I could talk to her and entertain her the entire time. For some reason that didn’t brighten her spirits at all? 😉

I promise to be back tomorrow with a race run recap!

What are you looking forward to MOST about this weekend?

Do you have any races left in 2014?


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