Pumpkins and playlists.

After the game Monday night, we didn’t get home until three hours past my bedtime (11pm 😉 and instead of being ridiculous and leaving my Tuesday 4:45am alarm on so I could ride the trainer for an hour before school, I got an extra hour of sleep instead. I was still really tired throughout my day at school and by the time I got home, my adorable mom had dinner ready and I lost the last ounce of motivation I had to work out. Making spin playlists kind of counts as exercising right?

I haven’t updated the songs on my iPod in a while and I haven’t made a new spin playlist in even longer, so it was time to get some new tunes to rock at the gym and on my bike. I am going to try and treat my road-bike-on-wind-trainer like a spin bike and do a spin class on it this week, so we’ll see how that goes. A few of the songs on my playlist were ones that I had been searching for for a while and finally figured out the name of them to download! THIS is one of them. 

I love remix songs for spin workouts because the beat count is higher and you can do a various amount of drills with them like sprints and tabata intervals. THIS is one of my new faves. 

I guess it wasn’t a total rest day yesterday, I got a great arm workout… PUMPKIN CARVING! Yes, my brother and I are 18 and 21 but it is still fun. I think my favourite part is actually scooping the guts out because it feels so cool. The pumpkins were sitting outside until this afternoon so they were still slightly cold and my hand was frozen when I was done!

My aunt even came up from Airdrie to carve pumpkins with us! I think she just wanted to show us how great she is at carving pumpkins because compared to mine, hers was AMAZING! My carving time was 3 minutes, the rest of my family took 289705 minutes. My brother in particular likes pumpkin perfection. I have to admit, his was pretty dynamite.

The pumpkin with twenty random holes in it… that is my mom’s. I get my creativity from her.

It was actually super cool because she stuck rubber mice all around the holes with toothpicks. Mine had two bats. I told you… creative. My brother’s was the Spiderman and my aunt did the Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton skeleton. 

The Halloween candy is already open in our house. Every year. 

After what turned into a rest day today, I plan to have an awesome workout tomorrow morning! My muscles will be ready to rock it. It is now below zero every morning here so running outside has become questionable because if you recall from last winter, I am a pansy. It would be cool to run around town and see everyone’s Halloween decorations though!

Do you carve pumpkins?

Have you bought/opened/eaten Halloween candy yet? 

What is your favourite workout song right now?


  1. The pumpkins look amazing…ALL of them. I couldn’t choose a favourite.
    As for candy; we got that free pack from Superstore and that’s what we’re using to hand out. If Halloween doesn’t come soon we won’t have any to hand out! I may need to run out and get more 🙂

  2. Those pumpkins looks amazing!
    And once again I think I’ve heard of less than half of the songs in your play list. Lol.
    For me right now I really like Trainwreck 1979 by Death From Above 1979 (it’s a great album too BTW). The other is 3s and 7s by Queens of the Stone Age (an older one but a still a good one).

  3. Our candy is open now….and I may have packed some in my lunch 😉

    I’m terrible at carving pumpkins…we are tackling it tonight. And by we, I mean me and my little girls, should be interesting!

  4. I won’t be home for Halloween this year so we didn’t buy any candy which has definitely worked in my favour because I usually devour it before Halloween comes around.

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