Quinoa: the wonder food.

“On October 3rd he asked me what day it was.”

I could watch that movie a million times and not get tired of it. 

I think quinoa is pretty fabulous, as I am sure you have noticed with the amount I mention it on the blog. I am loving making big batches of quinoa every week and using it in different meals throughout the week. I have always been a salad-lover but it’s sometimes hard to find/make a healthy salad that is really filling. Adding quinoa to my lettuce concoctions has revolutionized my salad. If I have a 95% vegetable salad I am always left wanting something full of carbs or a little crunchy or a little salty or just something. Adding quinoa makes the dish feel like less of a salad and more of a hearty meal. 

My brother and parents have apparently taken to enjoying the pre-made quinoa in the fridge because last night I went to make my lunch for school and it was gone! I guess it’s catching on đŸ™‚ I usually make about 2 cups of quinoa at a time, which ends up being ~6-8 cups when it is cooked and fluffed. It stores really well in a Tupperware container in the fridge for approximately a week. It never really lasts more than a week in my house so I don’t know when exactly it would go “bad.”

For lunch on Wednesday I was going to try and make a rainbow with my salad but it didn’t really workout. I did have lots of colour though and this was a very filling and satisfying salad. I added feta cheese for some calcium and a bit of saltiness, quinoa for carbohydrates and protein, and sunflower seeds for healthy fats. Plus a TON of vegetables. There is a big bed of iceberg lettuce as my base because I love the crunch! I drizzled balsamic vinegar as my dressing. 

I think the quinoa salad thing started when my mom made the BEST warm salad in the entire world. It was quinoa-based with a delicious dressing, carrot, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, and it tasted like heaven. She had THIS salad at Earls restaurant and tried to replicate it and it was even better than the restaurant version.

I sometimes add a spoonful of quinoa to my oatmeal to give it a new and exciting texture. It was surprisingly good. I added a bit of soy milk to the quinoats to make it a bit creamier and it tasted amazing. Peanut butter makes everything amazing too. 

The typical salad has a bit of everything, but most importantly it has a base of lettuce/spinach and quinoa. Most days I use balsamic vinegar as my salad dressing, sometimes adding some ripe avocado as a creamy dressing. I don’t use a ton of store-bought salad dressings because I can’t pronounce a lot of the ingredients in them! If you are looking for an amazing homemade salad dressing check out THIS recipe. You don’t have to use pears – I have used strawberries and it was incredible.

I think quinoa is so versatile! With such an incredible nutrition profile, it’s one of the best grains out there for you (I just had a carbohydrates lecture in my nutrition course so obviously I’m an expert). I use it in almost all of my salads now, as a base for a stir-fry, in my oatmeal, as a side dish with tofu, or just mixed with tomato and cheese! Most of the fat comes from unsaturated sources, lots of fiber, potassium, iron, and a significant amount of protein for a grain!

I don’t know if quinoa is super trendy right now or if that’s just in the health/nutrition/blogging world but I love it. Every day tons of new quinoa recipes are coming out and it’s awesome!

Here are a few to check out!
Quinoa mac & cheese.
Spinach and cheese quinoa quiche muffins.
Quinoa fruit and nut bars.
Sweet potato, quinoa, craisin, and pecan salad.
Quinoa avocado sushi.

What is your favourite way to use quinoa?

What is the best salad dressing?


  1. You’re a rebel – running in the dark đŸ™‚ I drink more coffee on Saturday mornings for sure. Sometimes I make a big brekky with pancakes but it’s been awhile. Great pics, as always! Have a great weekend!

  2. i made a mexican quinoa wrap today! cooked the quinoa with vegetable stock instead of water mixed with fajita seasonings, then added black beans and corn to that mixture, then wrapped the quinoa mixture and some cheese into a whole wheat wrap and grilled it on my panini press. best lunch! plus the quinoa/bean mixture stays good for a few days so it’s awesome for throwing together leftovers

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